Tiny Rec Helper has a clear interface and provides functionality that will make recording audio and video for multimedia content much easier.The proposed project will compare the functioning of families with a mentally retarded child and families with a normally developing child, including both the mother and the father. The primary aim of the project is to determine if the level of social stress experienced by the parents is related to the severity of the child’s handicapping problem. The secondary aim is to assess the influence of the parent’s condition, and of the parent’s coping and social support system on the parent’s ability to cope with stress. We expect that 1) less stress and more coping ability will be found among the parents of normally developing children; 2) more stress and less coping ability will be found among the parents of mentally retarded children; 3) less stress will be found among parents whose children’s functioning is less severe; 4) increased coping ability will be found among parents whose children’s functioning is more severe; 5) higher coping ability will be found among parents who are better supported in their coping; 6) greater support will be found for the families of children with more severe functioning; and 7) there will be no difference between mothers and fathers in terms of their coping and social support abilities. In addition, the families of the mentally retarded children will report more stress and less coping ability than those with the normally developing children. Longitudinal measures will also be taken of the mothers and fathers of these children to assess the stability of these variables.Q:

Calculate Growth Rate for Year

I have a table where I have Year, Amount, and Quarter
Year Amount Quarter

1990 100 1
1991 200 1
1992 400 1
1990 50 2
1991 150 2
1992 300 2

I need to calculate the growth rate on a per year basis using the quarters as follows:
Growth Rate eea19f52d2


rekordbox is a set of innovative music tools that will enhance your DJ performance. It is dedicated to Pioneer DJ players and it offers support for all the new and popular devices, with the ability to set cue and loop points for all supported Pioneer DJ controllers, from the D-SQUARE series to the DDJ-S2.
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White Beard’s Reach, named for the wispy white beard that appears on rocks here and in other parts of the world, is a truly spectacular site, with dramatic salt and coral cliffs, white sandy beaches, and clear water. Located at the southernmost point of the Cayman Islands, White Beard’s Reach is a unique, secluded environment, largely undeveloped and seldom visited. The site is largely inaccessible to the public because there are no direct roads to it. Access is only through smaller boats, fishing skiffs, or by a 10-mile-long causeway bridge that connects it to the nearby island of East End. Nevertheless, White Beard’s Reach is one of the island’s most coveted dive sites. It offers a diverse menu of reef environments including extensive muck and drop-off zones and a series of dramatic coral banks and walls.

Reef Profile

White Beard’s Reach is located on Cayman Brac, the southernmost of the three Cayman Islands. It is a