redundancies, avoid unnecessary repetition of words, eliminate empty or inflated phrases, and reduce clauses to phrases and phrases to single words.. They are not only grammatically incorrect but also add unnecessary words, and can make your writing verbose and even pompous. within the realm of…. Use more advanced words or longer sentences to add to your explanations. Reduce repetition. Reorganize phrases and sentences. Delete unnecessary words.. Some answers substituted one or two words for several. Others eliminated redundant words or phrases. (Notice that the original versions of Nos. 3, 6, and 8 used…. Results 1 – 24 of 81 >Appropriate for grades 6+>One of the many ways to improve fluency is to eliminate unnecessary words. This worksheet is a simple and…. Jan 25, 2020 Tips to Cut the Clutter. Before starting this exercise, keep these tips in mind for eliminating clutter in your writing: … advice to work. The sentences below contain unnecessary words. … 5 Free Hockey Printables and Worksheets.. Sociology includes the idea of studying it, so the study of is redundant. Redundant is a word writing teachers use to describe unnecessary repetition. Fascinating…. Redundancy is the needless repetition of words and ideas . Like wordiness, redundancy uses more words than necessary, but redundant writing says the same…. Try improving them by eliminating unnecessary words. When you have finished, click to compare your answers. Institutional writing examples. Revisions. The… abc6e5c29d
Rewrite these sentences, eliminating their false and contrived titles. Assistant solid … Eliminate unnecessary words from the following phrases. Simply cross off…. Unnecessary Words Lesson Plans & Worksheets Reviewed by . Show students writing fun as they learn to eliminate wordiness and redundancy. This 12-page…. POSSIBLE ANSWERS. Practice: Remove unnecessary words and rewrite the sentences, but don’t change the main idea. 1. Helen is a smart and intelligent…. Edit your writing to remove unnecessary words and phrases. Delete Phrases That. Don’t Add Meaning. Wordy: This paper will focus on the Great Migration and…. Practice editing and proofing skills with this printable composition worksheet on unnecessary words for 5th – 10th grade. Click here to get started!. Eliminate Wordiness Worksheet. Directions: Read each sentence: Rewrite the ones that seem too wordy. If a sentence is correct, write. Correct. Example: The…. Eliminate the unnecessary words from the following sentences. The sentences do not have to be rewritten; simply cross off the words that are not needed.