Add tasks and sort them into categories

To-Do Prime is a sophisticated and modern application compatible with Windows 8, 8.1,10 and designed to offer an efficient method to add and manage multiple tasks and sort them into distinct categories.
Create essential memos and handle your projects
It’s wrapped in an accessible and intuitive layout divided into a file manager on the left side of the window, a more detailed view of all records and on the right, a simple editor is brought up when creating a new file. The categories are displayed one after another and differentiated in unique colors. The application is installed through the Windows Store, and can be synced with a Microsoft or Google account.By right clicking on the main window, the application’s settings can be accessed, along with the login function, and the page configurations.
Plus, the tool divides tasks efficiently in inbox, future, favorite and completed sections, to quickly access items and delete unnecessary ones. You can make a new file by inputting a fitting name, a priority level (e.g. low, medium, high), date and time. In addition, you can set a recurrence event on a particular day, as well as add a reminder before the task expires. Advanced settings can be entered, such as status (canceled, active, waiting), a corresponding project, if it’s the case, along with category (business, finance, shopping, personal), and a short description.
Make custom groups and save your data on your personal profile
After finishing an assignment, you can mark it as completed not to interfere or be mixed with the unfinished ones. It’s possible to insert new categories by pressing the button next to it. Give it a relevant title and color, while for projects, a title, status and a date are necessary. Furthermore, you can copy, cut or paste text from another source, and display all completed or running memos with the help of the built-in calendar.
Plus, they can be pinned to Start menu for faster access. You can back the database up in OneDrive or sync it with your Outlook, Hotmail or Microsoft Live accounts. Maintenance function lets you delete finished notes after three or six months.
The bottom line
To sum it up, To-Do Prime is a sophisticated and user-friendly program created to provide a practical way to write and organize tasks, as well as arrange them into distinct lists and back up your data with ease.

Root Genius is a simple, easy-to-use application that helps you to root your Android device. The software allows you to make changes to many system settings of the device, and also adds some extra settings of your own.
User Interface:
Using Root Genius application is very simple, just double-click on the executable to start the rooting process. On the left-hand side of the interface you can see a list of currently installed mobile devices. On the right side of the interface you can see the progress of the rooting procedure, along with a list of root-related system changes that you have applied.
– allows you to make system changes and add additional settings of your own
– shows a progress bar of the rooting process
– can be used for unlocking many Android devices of different versions
– an unattended rooting procedure
– can be used for modifying various system settings
– is a very safe application, since it prevents any changes to the system files
– does not affect the warranty of the device
– does not require any permanent changes to the device
– an excellent application to unlock the full potential of your Android
– very easy to use, simple to install
– a very useful application that should be used with great care
– Android phones of different versions
– Windows XP/7/8/10
How to Crack the.apk File
1. Launch the Crack folder
2. Run ‘RootGenius.apk’
3. It will ask for the Serial key
4. Press ENTER and that’s it.

iFonex is the best application for any people who have to crack their mobile phone and wants to unlock it. It is also useful for updating and upgrading the firmware on your mobile phone. When you install this application on your device, then you will see a screen for license agreement. If you accept that, then a message will pop up saying Congratulations. You have successfully installed the iFonex application.
After you install this application on your mobile phone, you will be provided with a Serial Number. If you want to install the application and unlock the device, then you will have to enter the serial number on the unlock page. You can unlock all the mobile phones using the iFonex application.
iFonex is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating System. You can also download our OTA firmware updater application. Here are its main features:
1. Download your firmware