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All of us know about the basic Google Chrome extension development environment, but few of us are aware of the fact that by simply changing a few things on the browser’s general settings, we can get access to a whole bunch of potential features. Here’s a list of options you can turn on or off to customize Chrome to your heart’s content.
Autoplay video and audio
We all know what this does, but we also know that this feature comes at a cost. If you choose to enable autoplay (instructions above), you’ll be notified every time you click a link to a video or audio file, since it’s an annoying feature that slows down your browsing.
The upside is that it could be beneficial when it comes to videos used in educational settings.
The first setting with an impact on Chrome’s behavior is autoplay video and audio. As the name implies, it causes the browser to scroll to the next video automatically. Since the browser always needs a source from which to play anything, the settings may be useful to make sure you only ever have to click a link and get to the content you’re looking for. Autoscroll option, in turn, only applies to videos and is good to control if you prefer a few seconds of waiting before the video starts.
Users choose to speed up page load time
A good option for those who don’t want to get used to a new browsing experience, but want to feel a bit faster on the Web. While it’s not quite a deal-breaker, this setting does significantly increase the time it takes to load web pages. The downside is that it doesn’t seem to improve the page-load speed.
By default, users can control when they view ads and content from third-party sites. This could lead to a higher chance of getting redirected to suspicious and annoying ads that pop up every time you visit a particular site. Choose to never show third-party content, but remember that you won’t be able to see YouTube videos or share content from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in your browser.
Customizing appearance
Apart from settings that might help you in terms of web-browsing experience, you can also enable custom shortcuts and buttons to make Chrome your own. You can choose to replace eea19f52d2


eFiler: Email Filer for Outlook allows you to save your important emails in different folders. The utility works just like any other filter except it is very unique because the emails can be saved inside the pre-defined folders.

Key Features:

All the emails you receive and send can be saved into pre-defined folders.

Set different criteria to find and/or select an email.

To run the program, you have to install the product first and then start it.

The eFiler software doesn’t require any external utilities like email inbox or email client. It does not need any of your internet browser settings like cookies, proxy, user agent, and so on.

What’s New in eFiler for Outlook

The 1.14 update brings a new language support including Spanish, Russian, French and Chinese.Group II introns from Thermus thermophilus contain a novel co-transcriptase, homing endonuclease, and an RNA hairpin.
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