Peak limiter: A limiter can protect against loud peaks, it should be placed before the compressor and each limit level can be controlled separately.
Level maximizer: A maximizer improves the tone of low-level signals, it can be used in combination with limiters.
3 compressors and 3 expanders: The compressor / expander controls the gain of each frequency range individually and improves the transient response of the signal.
4 Limiter / EQ band: The band limiter is a soft saturation effect, if you don’t have any dynamics in the recording, it is better to use the level maximizer.
1.It has 2 kinds of Filter modes, IIR and FIR. It can be used as an EQ, Dividing filter and Limiting filter.
2.There are 3 compressors and 3 expanders.
3.Each unit has a 3-band peak and level maximizer.
4.It has 5 limit modes, it can be used as a limiter.
5.Each unit can be set for compression, peak, limiter, level maximizer and dynamics.
6.Peak can be set to 1.0 or 0.95 (Default).
7.Limiter can be set to 3 levels, it can be set to low, medium, high.
8.Level maximizer can be set to 2 levels.
9.Compressor can be set to C2 or C4.
10.3 compressors can be set for the frequency range at once.
11.A high frequency area limiter can be set.
12.A Peak can be set separately for the left and right channel.
13.A limiter can be set for the left and right channel.
14.Each unit can be set independently for a compressor, expander, peak, limiter, level maximizer and dynamics.
15.It has a direct output.
16.It can be used as a limiter, peak limiter and level maximizer.
17.It has a level meter.
18.It has a pan.
19.It has 5 limit modes, peak, limiter, compress, level maximizer and dynamics.
20.It has a master limiter.
21.It has a peak limiter.
22.It has an expander.
23.It can use for all the three compressors.
24.The band limiter is a soft 70238732e0

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Bumpmap Button creates a bumpmap logo from the set of given characters that feature a text character.
The preview window shows a preview of the generated bumpmap logo.
It is easy to tweak the logo with the configuration window. You can define the color of every letter, the relative position of the letters and the height of the letter.
Furthermore, it is possible to define how much space the letters are standing away from the center of the bumpmap logo.


Script Details:


The configuration window lets you tweak the generated logo.

Generation Parameters:

# Alignment

Alignment text and bumpmap logo.

# Text Horizontal position

Vertical position of the text relative to the bumpmap.

# Bumpmap color

Color of the bumpmap.

# Bumpmap Radius

Size of the bumpmap.

# Text font

Font of the text.

# Text size

Size of the text.

# Text spacing

Spacing of the letters in relation to each other.

# Zoom in x

Zoom in on the bumpmap logo.

# Zoom in y

Zoom in on the bumpmap logo.

# Noise amount

Amount of noise in the bumpmap.

# Specify letters with xoffset

Inserts xoffset for letters.

# Specify letters with yoffset

Inserts yoffset for letters.

# Specify letters with xrotate

Inserts xrotate for letters.

# Specify letters with yrotate

Inserts yrotate for letters.

# Bumpmap Color

Set the color of the bumpmap.

# Color of the background

Set the color of the background.

# Input file

If you want to edit a template, use this parameter.

# Output file

Default bumpmap button logo.


If you install the script