This is an application for consuming MSDN Magazine articles and annotations. At present, we only provide access to MSDN Magazine for free. However, we are looking into providing a limited premium service as well.
Features of this application include:
– Offline caching of articles and annotations
– Content annotation
– Sharing of content
– Previewing of content
– Articles viewing and navigation
Note: The NY Times Reader application is being used as the basis of this application. However, the features set will be expanded as appropriate.
If you are interested in this application, please send email to canreno at microsoft dot com.

MSDN Magazine News

1/16/2009 8:00 PM

MSDN Magazine Presents the Ribbon UI Widget Library – MSDN Magazine – Tuesday, January 16, 2009
The Ribbon UI Widget Library enables you to create an interesting and usable experience for your end users. Some of the widgets include:
Menu Bar
Control Bar
Status Bar
Tool Bar
Task Bar
Tool Strip
Radio Buttons
Check Boxes
Drop Down List
Text Boxes
Combo Box
Rating System
Progress Bar
And more!

9/27/2008 3:00 PM

Q/A: Building Rich Client Applications with Visual Studio 2008 – MSDN Magazine – Tuesday, September 27, 2008
Q: I’m interested in using the new Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technology in my next.NET application. Can you help me decide between developing applications using WPF, Silverlight, or Windows Forms? What features does each of these technologies have to offer?
A: Your question is a little vague. So, let’s get started with defining some terms. In the Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation, the term Rich Client refers to applications that present a high-fidelity user interface experience that is used for many of the common tasks that most users perform. This includes things like bookmarks, embedded photos and videos, notes, and so on.
Before deciding to use a particular technology, you need to understand the trade-offs that will be involved. Here are some of the major differences between the three technologies:
Silverlight Silverlight is the most complete of the three technologies. It includes a complete set of widgets, controls, graphics, and animations. It also is fully integrated with the.NET Framework and can be eea19f52d2

Tourweaver Professional Edition is an application that lets you create 3D Flash virtual tours. You can include in your presentations 3D objects, sounds, Flash videos, and others. The program allows you to edit, preview, and export presentations to a variety of formats.
It is possible to create multiple projects, and choose a template skin for each of them. You can add images of scenes, add hotspots to them, insert popups, hyperlinks, Flash objects, and others. In addition, you can include sounds, and change the background color and image. You can preview the generated tours, go left or right, move down or up, and mute sounds.
The app allows users to add sound for hotspots, background sound to a certain scene, movie and virtual tour, or mute the sounds. It enables you to insert buttons, a speed controller, text messages, thumbnails, images, and others. All in all, Tourweaver Professional Edition proves to be a handy solution for all users who need to create virtual tour presentations. It comes with many advanced features that can be mastered by beginners and experts alike.
Tourweaver Professional Edition Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
CPU: Pentium 4/AMD Athlon, i386, i686, Core 2 Duo
RAM: 256 MB
Free disk space: 300 MB
Video card: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card, 128 MB VRAM

Virtual Tour Pro v5.0.04.4041 + Portable (full)
Virtual Tour Pro v5.0.04.4041 + Portable (full) is a software solution for creating and editing Flash virtual tours.
In order to create a virtual tour, you only need to insert text and pictures of the specified number. Virtual Tour Pro v5.0.04.4041 + Portable (full) includes multiple templates, 2D and 3D. The application allows users to add images, backgrounds, hotspots, Flash videos, and sound. Moreover, the program allows users to display, rotate, zoom in and out of scenes. It is possible to preview tours, go left or right, move down or up. The program has no limits, as it allows users to edit and preview virtual tours.
Virtual Tour Pro v5.0.04.4041 + Portable (full) allows you to create multiple projects, and assign them a skin. You can add a