Carnation Screensaver shows you different carnations. You can create your personal collection of beautiful carnations.
ScreenSaver offers an easy-to-use screen saver. You can set the frame width and height in this screensaver application.
You can save any place on your desktop. It can help you to organize your desktop better. If you have a Desktop Background or Wallpaper, you can set it in your screen saver.
There are 4 images which can be displayed: The Sun, the Moon, a waterfall, and a Garden of Carnations. You can easily change the default backgrounds and screensavers to any favorite images.
If you are not satisfied with the screensaver, you can always create your own. If you want to make a better and more beautiful screensaver, you can select the colors and the settings from the settings menu.
By selecting the settings, you can make your screensaver as personal as you want.
You can make your pictures as the frame of the screensaver. You can make a personal collection of beautiful pictures.
*Over a collection of more than 50 beautiful pictures of carnations
*Adjustable size of the frame
*Adjustable settings for the screensaver
*Can be customized to the settings you want.
*Set a wallpaper or the desktop background
*Change the pictures in the screensaver
*High speed and low power consumption
*Easy to use

Peach Blossoms for a Day Screensaver
HomeBlow represents the beauty of the peach blossoms.
You can easily select a wallpaper, a shape, or a pattern for your desktop.
Peach Blossom Screensaver Description:
Peach Blossom Screensaver is an animated screensaver, which is a collection of 15 pictures of blooming Peach blossoms. These Peach blossoms are covered with colorful petals, which are twinkling in the beautiful environment.
Your screen will look fresh and bright. It is full of light and pretty. You can easily set a wallpaper, a shape, or a pattern for your desktop.
There is a shape that is selected in the menu of the application, and it can be altered according to your needs.
You can also select a wallpaper, a pattern, or a shape to the desktop.
You can also customize the application according to your needs.
You can quickly make your own custom screensaver. You can set a transition time for each picture.
There are four images that eea19f52d2

0irc is an irc-client for windows. It looks much like the popular irc-client called bitchx.
0irc is suitable for a quick irc-session at the console.
It also includes a irc-autoconfigurator, that can be used to configure a lot of standard irc-parameters.
0irc has an ncurses-interface, but as it is only a commandline client, it has to be started from a console.
0irc is intended to be used on irc-servers, with a public ip-address. If you use it on your irc-server, please provide the ip in the config.
0irc Setup:
* Installer:
* Installer: Extract the archive into a folder. Run the installer. Press Y (yup) to install the new user.
* Program:
* All configurable parameters are present in the application. In the exe-file all parameters are described in the dialog, that is opened when the settings dialog is started.
* Menus:
* Menus: There are two menus: Global men and operators menu.
Global men:
* Global men: Here you can find the global parameters (as well as custom parameters) and a settings dialog.
Operators menu:
* Operators menu: Here you find all operators, that are added by yourself.
* Operators menu: You can remove operators with the button “Remove Operator”.
* Operators menu: The value “Global” is written in front of the names in the operators list.
* Operators menu: The menu enables you to send private messages.
* Operators menu: You can configure your operator.
* Statusbar:
* Statusbar: Here you can configure the statusbar.
* Statusbar: You can remove items in the statusbar with the right mouse button, you can mark them with the status bar
* Statusbar: button “remove” with the right button and clear all items with the button “clear”.
* Statusbar: You can configure the statusbar items.
* Statusbar: You can configure the statusbar color.
* Statusbar: You can disable the statusbar.
* Statusbar: You can configure the “auto” statusbar on the right.
* Statusbar: You can configure