StackOverflow Offline Reader is a PDF Reader that allows you to read the StackOverflow questions and answers in an offline manner. It supports top down and bottom up navigation. 

StackOverflow Offline Reader Features:

Create StackOverflow question PDFs for offline reading

Get the list of questions and answers

Supported file formats: PDF and ePub

Generate Thumbnail for questions and answers

Support top down and bottom up navigation

Support page navigation

Support copy and paste from the PDF to the text box

Support user-defined font list and page margins

Support zoom in and out

Support multiple devices support

Support to read files in different languages (french, spanish, italian, german, japanese, korean, and english).

StackOverflow Offline Reader Support languages:

StackOverflow Offline Reader is released as free open source and based on Adobe Air. Source code and binaries are available at


You can use xmloutputstream or other kind of stream to generate your own xhtml/css/pdf doc and then transform it using googletranslator

Bradwell Guitars – One for the Ages

In the field of luthiery, the world of acoustic guitar making has long since been dominated by names such as Martin, Taylor, Gibson, and Takamine. These guys have made the instrument a staple of the music industry. They have set a high standard. But where are the names that match them? Who is the next Gibson or Martin? Do we need a new name or can we just keep using the names that were there before? Well, Bradwell Guitars is here to answer these questions.

Bradwell Guitars has been designing and producing quality acoustic and electric guitars since 1996. The first guitars to be mass produced were the Bradwell “First Generation” and the “Micro 1200.” The sound of these guitars can still be heard in the greatest guitarists today. Later came the “Gemini,” “1000,” and “1000C” series. The “Gemini” and “1000C” series are true guitars for all levels of players. With the “1000” series, Bradwell Guitars had created a guitar that was not only a true guitar, but also at a reasonable price.

The “Bradwell One” series is a line of guitars that are designed eea19f52d2

Manolito is the new p2p protocol. Its core is built on top of the UDP protocol, so it benefits from its advantages (anonymous, faster, more compatible, unlimited bandwidth,…).
Its special features are:
* Email support
* Statistics
* Metadata support
* P2P search
* Import/Export
* Caching
In addition to the basic peer connection method, you can use “Networks” as well. A “Network” is a peer list that you connect to; its content is specified by your hosts.
Most of the features are available on the main web page ( which is also the main application page. There you can search for and import/export your files, send messages to the peers, log into a “Network” and connect.
Another application, “Sonolito”, is also available.
Manolito Features:
* Peer list, with everybody who is registered
* Peer list, with only your friends
* Email messages
* Statistics
* Metadata support
* P2P search
* Direct file transfer
* File and metadata cache
* File and metadata synchronization
* Import/Export
* Remote control
* Import “UniFlow”
* Peer list categories
* Network list categories
* Groups
* Import “Darknet”
* Import “Darknet Lite”
* Import “Ratio”
* Import “Gnutella Plus”
* Import “BitTorrent Sync”
* Import “Fly”
* Import “Lan T-Gate”
* Import “MADAM”
* Import “FilePoker”
* Import “Jena”
* Import “PeerTune”
* Import “KaZaA”
* Import “KaZaA Lite”
* Import “Kazaa”
* Import “Shareaza”
* Import “Zones”
* Import “SuperShare”
* Import “NetShare”
* Import “Zetup”
* Import “FoneBuck”
* Import “BitTorrent Sync Lite”
* Import “Jamba”
* Import “ManolitoPlus”
* Import “RateYo”
* Import “SuperShare Plus”
* Import “FoneBuck Lite”
* Import “Kazaa Lite”
* Import “Shareaza Lite”
* Importаёаёіаёџаёґаёаёіаёјаёґаёўа№њаё/