The Weather Network lets you stay up to date with local weather from around the world. It combines hourly temperature forecasts with local news and satellite images. Find and plan your route before you set off with the integrated map. While you are on the road, keep track of your route and see the latest traffic information. The integrated live video stream provides you with up to date videos of your current location and provides an alternative to the television.

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This site is maintained by the City of Schenectady Parks & Recreation Department and the Schenectady County Legislature.

The Department was created in 1965 by the consolidation of the Parks, Recreation & Cemeteries Department and the Recreation, Parks & Natural Areas Department. Today the Department provides year-round and seasonal recreation and wellness programs, environmental education, conservation efforts, and planning, programming, administration and consulting services.

Schenectady County Legislature is composed of the county officials and officials from various municipalities and governmental agencies. The Legislature develops, recommends and eea19f52d2

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