BBC:s Talking Animated Head macro Description:
If you want to set up a keymacro to make this stuff happen on your own keyboard,
leave a note at the bottom of this page.
The first thing that the BBC:s animated head does is display the top news picture.
Sometimes this is the picture of today’s newspaper.
Then it speaks the headlines.
The program speaks keystrokes for each headline.
So for example if the headline is “The Economy Today” then you would type
& (0o)&.
(This is a code for the key “0” on my keyboard)
And if you want to say “The Economy” then you would type
& (0e)&.
(This is a code for the key “0” on my keyboard)
Then the BBC:s animated head continues to speak the article,
usually one paragraph at a time.
If there is more than one picture for the headline,
BBC:s animated head will show the pictures in the order they appear on the page.
After the paragraph, BBC:s animated head speaks the “Next” button if there is one.
That:s all there is to it!
Activation and Deactivation Tips:
Make sure BBC:s Talking Animated Head is ALWAYS running.
Run BBC:s Talking Animated Head from the run program.
You can do this by pressing F5 on your keyboard or
by clicking on the BBC News shortcut, found under:
Run -> New task -> BBC News.
While BBC:s Talking Animated Head is running you can
prevent it from running by pressing the “X” button.
Start and stop BBC:s Talking Animated Head by pressing the
“Start” and “Stop” buttons.
To learn how to create your own macros, read the
web page called “FAQs”.
For additional settings to your preferences,
change your “Options” settings from under:
Control Panel -> Options.
More notes on how to install and use BBC:s Talking Animated Head
may be found on the page called “FAQs”.
Keymacro Settings:
First thing to do is to set your own keymacro.
Click on the Preferences menu in BBC:s Talking Animated Head
and choose “Options”.
There you can set your own keymacro by name.
“BBC News 4f8c9c8613

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