The TMS ASP.NET iPhone Controls Pack includes components for desktop, tablet and mobile applications such as web, Silverlight, HTML5 and Windows Phone 7. With these components, web developers can create highly performant web applications with a highly flexible style that look and feel like native iOS applications.
Core Objective-C Components:
There are three core components included in the TMS ASP.NET iPhone Controls Pack. These include:

1- ASP.NET Controls for iOS that create web applications based on ASP.NET MVC, which look and feel like iOS applications. These controls generate standard ASP.NET AJAX page controls with additional iPhone styles such as controls with rounded corners. The controls also include events and methods that make it possible for you to interact with the mobile devices in order to receive and process the information.

2- TMS iPhone Controls Library, which provides a highly customizable library of controls that you can use to design iOS applications. These controls include HTML5 based components as well as additional controls with predefined CSS styles and text.

3- A demo application that includes a simple ASP.NET MVC based mobile application and ASP.NET AJAX control that generates an iPhone web control.

The control is a standard ASP.NET MVC Page control with additional mobile-specific styles that enable you to configure an iOS look and feel with additional HTML5 controls.

Key Features:
1- HTML5 based control that generates an iPhone web control.

2- Mobile-specific CSS styles, including additional standard CSS styles and styles that you can configure as per your need.

3- The control includes standard ASP.NET AJAX page controls such as html controls and server controls, which makes it easy for you to integrate with an ASP.NET MVC based application.

4- Ability to create a highly performant application with a highly flexible look and feel that resembles native applications.

5- iPhone, iPad and Android compatible.

6- Ability to operate the mobile device with the ability to receive and process information.

The components included in the TMS ASP.NET iPhone Controls Pack can be purchased individually or as an assortment of five or more components.

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