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Knowte Portable is a simple notepad application, that runs as a desktop app (from Microsoft Windows XP and newer) or as a portable version (from Windows 7).
Thanks to its versatility, this notepad helps you structure your notes and organize them in a variety of ways. You can assign meaningful titles to your notes, format the content and, of course, you can also edit them.
Thanks to its simple, yet convenient interface, you will be able to avoid complicated settings and define your own theme. The tool provides a variety of features, which can help you organize your thoughts and notes, no matter if you are using a computer, tablet or a phone.
Multi-Window support & Clipboard history
Knowte Portable is a portable application, so you can use it on multiple devices and easily transfer your data between them. The app allows you to open multiple files in separate windows, organize your notes, format them and share them with other people.
Knowte Portable includes a clipboard manager, so you can copy and paste from the clipboard to the application. Moreover, the tool keeps track of your previous clipboard history, so you can simply select any text from your clipboard and use the tool to format or edit it.
Thanks to this function, you can copy and paste from various programs, such as Internet Explorer, and keep the notes and formatting in the Knowte. It is also worth noting that the app supports copy, cut and paste in any text editor, for example.
Create notebook & sorting categories
You can organize your notes into notebooks, so you can quickly access the notes you need. Furthermore, you can select the categories to sort the notes and organize them into categories, according to the type of information they contain, such as notes, reminders, bookmarks and etc.
Create custom categories
You can create your own categories to organize your notes into more meaningful groups. For instance, you can create a reminder category and name it “Urgent” or add it to a notebook.
You can format the notes
The app provides advanced formatting tools to make your notes easier to read and understand. You can highlight the content, italicize the text, or change the background color and font style.
Knowte Portable Pros:
A simple, yet powerful notepad application, that is optimized for the mobile lifestyle
The application is very portable and allows you to access your notes from a variety of devices
You can use the app to edit and organize your notes in a variety of ways,