All Icons Pack includes 25 different 512×512 pixel PNG icons. The pack also includes 25 512×512 pixel PNG icons.
The dimensions of each icon are 256×256 or 512×512 pixels.


AICON PACK 49 is the 49th installment in the Icon Pack series. The package is divided into two categories: 25×256 and 25×512. You can use one or both in your work.
The icon is a 512×512 size. However, in some cases, the effect is more visible in the 256×256 version.
The png files are well-organized into folders, and are given names of their original application.


Each of the 20 icons in the package is a 256×256 size. However, in some cases, the effect is more visible in the 512×512 version.

The set is packed into a file. You can copy the entire file to your USB stick, SD card, or your Hard Drive.

The pack is made available to you through the QDir library. In order for you to benefit from the release, you will need to download the QDir library from You can find the library on the Downloads section.
After downloading, you will need to extract the archive file to the root directory of your SD card or USB stick.
You will need to install the library by using the following commands:


You will not need to reinstall the library if you use the default installation path.

If you encounter any problems with the installation, be sure to make a note of the error message, and report it to QDir on GitHub.

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the QDir IDE by navigating to the installed directory using the File Manager.
This will automatically detect the library and allow you to run the IDE.

If you are unable to load the IDE or the emulator does not detect the library, you will need to copy the library to your devices. The file is file, which means that the library can only be installed via ADB.
This can be done by using the following command, as root:

You can use the names of the icons directly by using them in a condition. The names of 70238732e0

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