Download Gmvault to your PC and backup, export and restore Gmail data.The project brings two features that help you backup, export and restore Gmail. It’s possible to create backups of the Gmail data and back it up to a Dropbox account or, as an alternative, a local folder. In addition, it’s possible to run a synchronization of two Gmail accounts and, last but not least, you can use it to migrate your Gmail data to another account.
Useful Tips:
You can also use Gmvault to protect your backup data by encrypting them with 256-bit AES encryption. Although this feature is not required for security purposes, it’s highly recommended.
License: Freeware, No restriction.
File Size: 2.71MB.
System Requirements:
To run the application, you will need Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server 2012/2016, Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2012 R2.
You can download Gmvault here:

Google has announced the release of the Google Takeout Backup and Cloud Storage application, which will allow you to archive and backup your Google account data.
The application, which is compatible with all the latest versions of Google’s products and also functions for Chrome users, enables you to back up your data to a cloud or local storage.
Once completed, the backup will be visible in the Google Takeout page, which can be accessed from the web or from a PC. You can access the backup page directly and open the file containing your backup data. It’s possible to access the backup data directly from this page as well as delete, edit and restore the backup.
The application is also able to export Gmail mailboxes as a ZIP archive file, which can be further processed in a text editor to simplify the process of importing your mail into another email client.
The Google Takeout Backup and Cloud Storage application is available for both Windows and Mac PCs.
The Google Takeout Backup and Cloud Storage application Description:
Download Google Takeout Backup and Cloud Storage application and backup your Gmail account data. The program allows you to backup your Google account data (contacts, calendar, to-do list, notes, Hangouts Chat messages, as well as your Google Drive files and folders) to a cloud or local storage.

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This software is basically a video player with an advanced tracking system. You can use this
software to create a 3D model from a 2D image sequence. The image sequence is captured by
moving a camera (example: panning a digital camera) or you can import a 2D image file with the
This software has the following functions:
– easy to use 2D/3D camera selection
– very flexible video/image format support
– image/video stream splitting
– the ability to start/stop the camera and start/stop the image sequence
– align the image with the current camera position
– the ability to create a 3D mesh model from the sequence (further
– graphical editor for the resulting mesh
– the ability to import the model to any 3D application (example:
Blender, ZBrush, Maya and others)
– the ability to save the model as an ASCII file
– the ability to export the model to many image formats (ex..jpg,.png,.bmp,
.avi,.ogg,.flv,.gif,.tif,.jpg, etc)
– support for timecode
– support for panoramic images
The file format supported is.jpg,.png,.bmp,.avi,.ogg,.flv,.gif,.tif,.jpeg,
.png, and.bmp. JPEG images are supported by default, PNG images are supported as well,
besides the.avi,.ogg,.flv,.gif, and.tif images (support for.jpg images can be switched off).
There are few options to help you generate more accurate models, like the following:
– creating a new camera, that is the transformation from the 2D image to the 3D model
– use the timecode to align the images
– splitting the image stream to more manageable parts (image resolution and frame rate)
– automatically removing frames (that have no visibility in the 2D image)
The resulting mesh model can be saved as an ASCII format. The format is available
in the file manager after importing the file. The format is saved in.3dm format
(used by most 3D applications).
This application is developed for the following Linux distributions:
– Ubuntu 11.04 and higher
– Debian 6.0 and higher
– Mandriva 2008 and higher