If you’re looking for a good tophat plugin, look no further, Cyc…

Noise Reduction provides a nice one-touch boost of dynamic range or dynamic compression. The best option for limiting the dynamic range of audio files without squashing the sound. This comes in handy when working with mp3’s, or other data lossy formats.
AWinstall Description:
Want to get a good…

Controls the threshold for a Crossfeed/Aux Effect based on Feedback. A good way to reduce the ‘pops’ from a heavy sounding bass that’s out of phase with the rest of the recording.
AWinstall Description:
Crossfeed & Aux Effects are excellent for building a track or mastering a mixer. O…

Tilt, Agitate & Automate.
AWinstall Description:
Set the volume of a track based on a given input. Add some crazy distortions to a track as well, Rotate the track for cool visuals, and more.
AWinstall Description:
Have a need for a simple volume control for a project, perhaps you need t…

Volume Pan is a plugin designed to make small adjustments to the stereo panning of a volume. It can be used to make subtle changes to a track’s mixing, or as a handy way to create stereo compression.
AWinstall Description:
A very useful tool to add compression to your mixes, or to compress or…

Volume Scaling can be used to boost/reduce the level of any audio clip. Ideal for adding reverb, compression or any other process that is loud enough to affect the volume.
AWinstall Description:
Volume Scaling is a simple yet powerful plugin. Adding it to a mix can make a big difference….

Controls the playback rate for a clip based on the output rate from another plugin, such as a sampler.
AWinstall Description:
Has a hidden power: it can reduce the playback rate of a clip based on the output rate of another plugin, such as a sampler.
Here’s how:
– Set the drop…

An A/D Audio Shifter is an interface effect that makes audio sound like it is coming from an analog source.
There is a huge range of uses for the A/D Audio Shifter: adding a spectral boost to an instrument, or a new retro effect for a recording.
This plug-in is made using the excelente S…

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* status of your proxy server
* the status of the HTTP and HTTPS connections through it
* logs for each connection
* settings page that allow you to specify several options
System Requirements:
* Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux system
* Java version 1.6 or higher

is an experimental tool for decoding and generating the Enigma-encrypted messages of the Second World War.
It is under active development and can be used only in an unsupported way.
NOTE: Enigma encryption was used by the German Navy. The U-boat service produced 26,000 messages of which about 15,000 have been decrypted. The Royal Navy used it in the Second World War.
Enigma does not work today. You have to crack it before using EnigmaDecoder.
EnigmaDecoder is the name of this software.
EnigmaDecoder was developed and tested with Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. It should work with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows Server 2012 R2.
EnigmaDecoder is released under the GNU General Public License.
Enigma does not require any license.
See the installation guide.

Java PermGen Memory Leak Detection System

Java PermGen Memory Leak Detection System was designed and developed by Nitish Srivastava.
Our product is available as a Java Runtime Environment and as a stand-alone application.
If you want to run the standalone application on your computer, you should download and install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) first.
You can download the standalone application from the official website: Java PermGen Memory Leak Detection System
If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us at: support@nitish.code3.com

In real world applications, we always require to decrypt sensitive data in our application with the help of the Key.

Using SIFT Watermark Recognition Application

The present paper describes the implementation of SIFT watermark recognition for detecting the watermark in an original image and its textural properties for online identification in image-based applications. SIFT watermarking is carried out with the help of SIFT watermark recognition application which uses AdaBoost algorithm with randomization based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and K-means cluster. The experiments show that SIFT watermark recognition application is effective to extract the watermark from