IdiomaX Translation Suite is a collection of five tools designed to perform specific language tasks. These applications are: IdiomaX Translator, IdiomaX Office Translator, IdiomaX E-Mail Translator, IdiomaX Web Translator, IdiomaX Translation Assistant.
IdiomaX Translator:
IdiomaX Translator is a professional application designed to perform manual and automatic translation of documents, web pages, and emails. The tool is user-friendly and has a simple interface to help users work more efficiently.
IdiomaX Office Translator:
IdiomaX Office Translator performs translation in two ways. The first is the traditional way. The Office Translator first scans the document and then displays the results. The second way is to copy the text you want to translate from a document, website, or email and paste it into a blank document.
IdiomaX E-Mail Translator:
IdiomaX E-Mail Translator is the perfect tool for bulk translation of email messages. It has a user-friendly interface, and can quickly scan and translate over a large number of messages, allowing you to save time and energy.
IdiomaX Web Translator:
IdiomaX Web Translator is a tool designed for fast translation of web pages into several languages. The tool has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use.
IdiomaX Translation Assistant:
IdiomaX Translation Assistant is a tool designed to perform automatic translation of documents and emails into different languages. The interface of the tool is simple, making it easy to use.
Each of these applications can be used independently, but all of them also integrate together into a powerful suite of translation tools.
Other features:
1. The software lets you translate documents into any language you want.
2. The application is based on a user-friendly interface.
3. The application includes several preset dictionaries, but also has the ability to create your own custom dictionaries.
4. The tool lets you edit text, images and tables.
5. It is a universal app compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.
6. The software comes with a demo version, and you can use it for free for 30 days.

EZY Translator Gold 4.5.3
EZY Translator Gold is a utility that helps you to translate online articles, blogs, comments, tweets, eea19f52d2

ExamView Test Player is a handy program that enables you to take tests in order to check your knowledge on different topics. The program can be used successfully by teachers in order to test the students and by students to prepare for upcoming tests.
This program only allows you to view the content of a test and to answer the questions. You can find tests by searching the Internet or create your own test by using the ExamView Assessment Suite.
The program provides the environment required to take a test by presenting the questions and allowing the student to fill in the correct answer. The test can have multiple choice questions or require that a single correct answer is entered from the keyboard. The program can accommodate both types of tests.
To start using the program the student needs to enter the name and the student ID before selecting the test. After the test is selected the program generates a short description that includes the name of the test, the number of questions and the time interval that is given for the answers. Any other special rules are also presented in this description.
For instance, for the multiple choice tests you might have the option to verify your answers before getting to the next question. This can offer you with the certainty that you have provided the correct answer before moving on.
During the test you can navigate through the questions and change your answers. This can be restricted by the test creator but it is available by default. The application’s menu allows you to quickly go to a specific question from the test by selecting it from a list. This enables you to be effective and not waste precious time browsing through the questions.
After finishing the test, the program provides you with a result sheet with your ID information, the date and the result of the test. This can also include detailed information about the test such as the result for every question and the steps to get to the right answer. Printing it is supported, so you can keep track of the results.
ExamView Test Player can prove to be a useful assessment tool that provides immediate feedback for both the student and the teacher.

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