Sifnos Sifnos, the island with endless natural beauties, white traditional settlements, numerous churches and hospitable people. Sifnos combines the authentic charming of Cyclades islands with its own personal identity. The island’s rich history is revealed in every path and the alteration of sceneries keep the visitors interest. Touring around Sifnos can be full [...]



Thirassia The island of Thirassia is located in close proximity to Santorini and, in fact, it was once a part of it. The volcanic eruption that happened at around 1500 B.C. broke Santorini into many pieces and Thirassia emerged as one of those. Thirassia is today a virgin island, still untouched by tourism and [...]



SYROS Syros, Aegean’s nymph. This baronial island of Cyclades is in the center of the complex, enchanting visitors with its unique beauties. Syros, the capital of Cyclades islands, is the ideal destination for short or long vacation, as it offers various options of activities, entertainment and touring. Being close to Piraeus’ port (80n.m.) [...]



Sikinos Sikinos, this small island in south Cyclades Islands, wins visitors with her authentic feature. Here, time has shown respect towards natural beauties and human creatures. Pictures that fill every traveler’s sight from the time he steps his foot on the island and during the tour around the island, stay forever in his [...]



SERIFOS Serifos. The small island of Cyclades islands that impresses its visitors with its wild beauty of the hilly bulks and the enchanting island feature of the traditional settlement. As the ferry reaches the island’s port, the visitor sees huge rocks rising in front of him. This first picture does not flatter the [...]



KOUFONISIA Koufonisia are two small neighbour islands that belong to the complex of Small East Cyclades. It is Kato Koufonisi and Epano Koufonisi, southeast of Naxos and west of Amorgos. They are separated by a narrow strait of 200m width.These islands are inhabited since prehistoric times. Excavations brought into light findings from Cycladic [...]



KIMOLOS Kimolos is an unexplored paradise. This small island with incredible natural beauties belongs to the complex of southwest Cyclades islands and it is very close to Milos. It has a ground of 37sq. km and it is a volcanic island with a variety of rocks. Some of the rare rocks we meet [...]



KEA Kea or Tzia, this beautiful island with long history and unique natural beauties, is one of the most famous destinations for short-term vacations. It offers the perfect escape from routine. With the authentic beauty of Cyclades islands, imposing scenes and beautiful beaches, seems like an earthly paradise. It is the northest island [...]



DONOUSSA A tiny island of Small Cyclades, Donoussa is located between Naxos and Amorgos. This is among the smallest islands of the complex and has not developed in tourism. Due to its small size, it has remained a virgin place for summer holidays, with few tourist facilities and much privacy. The main thing to [...]



ANTIPAROS Antiparos, this small, beautiful island of Cyclades, is located southwest of Paros just 1n.m. from her. The island’s ground is mostly lowland. Antiparos has gained international fame due to its natural beauties, graphic settlements and the cave with the impressive stalactites and stalagmites. During the last years the island has evolved to [...]