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The island of Thirassia is located in close proximity to Santorini and, in fact, it was once a part of it. The volcanic eruption that happened at around 1500 B.C. broke Santorini into many pieces and Thirassia emerged as one of those. Thirassia is today a virgin island, still untouched by tourism and modern life style. The island of Thirassia is only 9 sq. km in size and has only one hundred and fifty permanent inhabitants. Manolas village is the capital of Thirassia. Other settlements include Korfos, Riva and Potamos. Manolas has small, picturesque houses painted in various colors. The virgin beaches and the pure nature are the main attractions of Thirassia. A walk through villages can also be a wonderful experience, as in front of the houses there are big gardens with colorful blossoms.
From Manolas, you can trek to the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin. Apart from this monastery, there are other twenty churches on Thirasia. Each year, on September 21st, there is a feast to honor Virgin Mary. Other places to visit there are some hot springs.

Discover in a glance the best things to see and do in Thirasia island

is one of the most charming villages of Thirasia located on the north side of the island. The settlement was named from the homonymous church of the area, that also gave her name to the island of Santorini (Santa Irini). The village is famous for the delicious fresh fish specialties of the seaside taverns and its beautiful black beach. Lovers of hiking can explore the surrounding area through the small alleys, known as rimidia from the locals.

is one of the oldest rural settlements of Thirasia located on the southwest side of the island. Characterized as the most charming village of the island, the traditional setttlement has an authentic atmoshpere as seen from the traditional cave houses, the wine cellars and the beautiful churches of the area. In the entrance of Agrilia, you will see the impressive church of Panagia with a unique architecture. Keep in mind that it is advisable to take directions from a local in order to take the correct path for the settlement.

is a traditional village located on the center part of the island. The cave houses and the colorful gardens provide an authentic color to the settlement. All the houses of Potamos are full of red geranium and bougainvillea. The center of the village is dominated from the church of Agios Dimitrios and Panagia Giatrissa. On August 6, one should not miss the traditional celebration of Metamorphosis Sotira that is held in the homonymous chapel. The traditional feast is followed from food and wine.

is the harbor of Thirasia located on the northernmost side of the island. The most important monument of the settlement is the imposing church of Agia Irini, else known as Santa Irini in Latin. According to tradition, the church gave her name to the island of Santorini.

is the old harbour of Thirasia located on the east side of the island. If you disembark here, the only way to get to the village of Manolas is on foot or by donkey. Sailing boats and fishing caiques dock in the bay of Korfos. The harbour is known for the fresh fish specialties of the traditional taverns.