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Schinoussa is almost in the center of Small East Cyclades Islands. We meet her south of Naxos and northeastern of Iraklia. It is a small island with ground, ideal for quiet vacation.
The island is inhabited since prehistoric times. According to tradition, it was named after the bushy plant schino found all around the island. But there is another tradition according to which the island took its name from the Venetian archon Schinoza.
Schinoussa belongs to the eparchy of Naxos. It is connected with it in regular bases and the trip from Piraeus to Mersini, her protected port lasts 7-8 hours. The island’s port, Mersini, is considered one of the best harbourages of small ships in the whole world.
Schinoussa has two settlements. Chora and Messaria.
The settlement of Chora is built on a hill, in the inner part of the island, 1,2km from the port. In older times the island has suffered a lot of catastrophes from pirate invasions. So, its natives built the village of Panagia, as they else call Chora from the church of Panagia Akathi, on a hill, in order to have visibility towards the sea. Houses are built according to the traditional style of Cyclades islands.
The second settlement of the island, Messaria is the same graphic and enchanting. There, you can visit the church of Evagelistria. It is 3km from Chora. Its inhabitants work with agriculture, animal breeding, fishing and tourism. During the last years more and more travelers visit the island seeking for a quiet place with virgin beauties to spend their holidays in. Tourist foundations of Schinoussa satisfy the needs of all visitors and offer them modern comforts.
The natural beauties of Schinoussa make her distinguish from the rest of Cyclades islands. It has 15 beautiful beaches, with endless shores and crystal clear waters that beguile every visitor.
Touring around the island’s beaches can be a pleasant surprise. Leaving the port we meet the beach Mersini, Tsigoura, Livadi, Liolio, Psili Ammo, Almiro, etc.
Schinoussa is a small-unexplored paradise waiting for you promising a lot

Discover in a glance the best things to see and do in Schoinousa island

The most important church in Schinoussa is the church of Panagia Akathi in Chora, which is considered as the protector of the island. Built in traditional Cycladic architecture in the colours of blue and white, it stands proudly in the middle of Schinoussa village. The locals love a lot this church and, in fact, many women on the island have taken their name from this church and they are called “Akathi”.

Mersini is the main port of Schinoussa island, about 2 km west of the capital village. It receives ferries coming from nearby islands and Piraeus and its port is a shelter for fishing boats and yachts. Some tourist amenities are found in Mersini village, mostly rooms to rent and fish taverns. Fish is always fresh as most locals deal with fishing to make their living.

The main village of Schinousa is Chora, also called Panagia, which is situated uphill from the port. It is not visible from the sea as it is hidden by the hill. This is the reason why pirates preferred this village and used to assemble here to plan their next raid. The village offers a spectacular view of the sea and surrounding areas. The road leading to Chora from the port is asphalted as opposed to other roads of the island that are basically small paths.

Lying to the east and at a short twenty minutes walk away from Schinoussa village, the sandy Almyros beach is ideal for families. It offers clear, cool and shallow waters ideal for a refreshing dip even for the kids. It is also popular among surfers as the northeastern wind brings in a slight wave. This sandy beach features a tamarisk that gives it some shelter. To north of Almyros you will find Foudana beach.

Lying to the north of the small village of Messaria, Fikio beach is small, sandy and features wild rocks. It is ideal for some underwater fishing as there are reefs in the open that lend a sparkling green color to the waters. There is no shade on the beach and the water also has some seaweed. Carry your own amenities as you will not find much at this beach.