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In the center of Cyclades Islands, in the heart of Aegean Sea, is located the island of Naxos. It is the biggest and most fertile island of the complex that distinguishes for its history and unique beauty. Its region stretches to 440sq.m and its shores 148km. Naxos borders with many islands of Cyclades and has regular coastal connection. From the west borders with Paros, from the north with Mykonos and Dilos, from the south-southeast with small Cyclades (Heraklia, Shinousa, Kero, Koufonisia) and from the east with the islands Donousa, Strogili and Agia Paraskevi. Naxos, although it is an island of Cyclades, has very fertile soil. It’s not accidental that, according to the myth, Naxos is Dionyso’s home. The tradition says that god Dionysos blesses the island. Since ancient times until our days the island produces fine citrus fruits and excellent wine from its vineyards. As for animal husbandry, Naxos has great development and its cheeses have great taste and quality. In general Naxos is a heavenly place.
Tour around the island can be a challenge for every visitor as the options satisfy all tastes. Everyone seeking for a place with great history, can visit the archaeological sites and the monuments that reveal the island’s past.For those seeking for unknown beauty, walks around the green valleys (Melanes, Egares) and the hills (Za) show the beauty of Naxos countryside.

Discover in a glance the best things to see and do in Naxos island

In Apirantho’s archaeological museum, near the homonym village, you can see the findings from excavations in the island dated from the prehistoric times. Among them distinguish the stone columns with anaglyph decorations from the protocycladitic temple in Korfi.

It is located on a hill and it’s the acropolis of Chora (town). It is considered the most impressive monument of the island built in the best spot.
The wall around it is square and closes with three gates. Near the northwest gate of the castle is Glezo’s tower built in 1207 by the enetic archon Marcus Sanoudos. It has four levels and it’s the only tower of the island with a round tower attached.
Nowadays the tower-after Glezo’s family donation- belongs to the archaeological department. When the construction is finished, it will host the island’s Byzantine museum.

It is located in the southeast part of the island, on the road to village Philoti. It is a four-storey round imposing fort.
It is believed that it was built during Hellenistic times. It is made of marble and has a height of 15m. It is in a good condition. You can find it in a deserted region, between Za, Naxo’s highest mountain, and the sea

See The Portara
The first thing you see as the ship enters Naxos’ port, is Portara. It is built on the small island Palatia and is the gate of the ancient Apollo Temple, which was never completed.
Portara was built in the middle of the 6th BC, when tyrant Lygdame ruled the island.
The island, which is called Palatia by the locals, is connected to the tragical myth of Ariadne. According to mythology, Thesseus abandoned Ariadne in the island. It was then that Dionysos saw her and married her. There is another scenario according to which Ariadne was drawn into sea.