Project Description

Folegandros, this small island of west Cyclades, has evolved to a popular summer destination for calm holidays. It has many fanatics of all ages, who visit the island every year to rest and withdraw from the wild rhythms of the city.
Folegandros is between Milos and Sikinos. It has an extend of and the length of its shores reaches 40km. It is a hilly island with rocky ground characterized by the alteration of sceneries. Wild hilly bulks, idyllic beaches, green lands and white settlements, combine the authentic beauty of Cyclades islands.
With history that goes back to centuries, although it has no archaeological sites and monuments, has an inborn nobility and an aura you won’t see anywhere else.
Chora (town) with the Venetian castle and her traditional settlement. The graphic port of the island, Karavostatis. Agali and Ano Mera, small settlements with personality and glow. The beautiful beaches of the island with virgin beauty, calm you and outshine every negative thought. Everything in Folegandros seem fairy. Visit it and have the best holidays of your life.

Discover in a glance the best things to see and do in Folegandros  island

Chora (Hora) distinguishes for its authentic feature of Cyclades islands. The wild beauty of sceneries along with the architecture of Cyclades make a beautiful and charming combination.

Karavostasis is the port of the island. It is a closed, safe natural port surrounded by reddish rocks. In its entrance you can see two small rocky islands. It is only 3km from Chora(town). Around this small graphic port is built the homonym settlement.

Agali (or Angali) is a small coastal settlement south of Chora. Its beach is considered the best in the island. It has an endless sandy shore with crystal, blue waters.
Close to the beach has started to develop the newer settlement of the island.

Ano Mera is in the northwestern part of the island, 5km from Chora. Here the visitor sees a different scenery. The green fields and the small underpopulated neighborhoods, surprise him. Entire Ano Mera is a sightseeing. Walk in the fresh painted paths and fill your mind with pictures of yesterday and today.