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A tiny island of Small Cyclades, Donoussa is located between Naxos and Amorgos. This is among the smallest islands of the complex and has not developed in tourism. Due to its small size, it has remained a virgin place for summer holidays, with few tourist facilities and much privacy. The main thing to do in Donoussa island is swimming: the beaches of Donoussa Greece are not organized and all have crystal water. They are mostly accessible on foot and offer all the calmness you need in holidays. As there are few means of transport on the island, it is also ideal for trekking. Donoussa island can be reached by ferry from Piraeus or with local boat from Naxos and Amorgos.

Discover in a glance the best things to see and do in Donousa island

The church of Virgin Mary and Agios Ioannis is built on a hill overlooking Donoussa village. The church was built in 1892 and from this location, you can get nice view of the island and the sunset.

Donousa village is the capital of the island and is also called Stavros. The village is close to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Though the island of Donousa is very small and sparsely populated, the cheerful and vibrant spirit of the inhabitants is surely going to take your heart. A nice walk around the village will give you the opportunity to explore some natural beauties and nice architectural monuments, such as the church of the Holy Cross, the patron church of the island. Although Donousa seems to be a small village, it is decked with all the necessary amenities required by tourists. There are taverns, mini market, bakeries, cafes, bars and accommodation facilities available in the village.

Kedros is a sandy beach about 1 km away from Starvos village. It is the largest beach on Donousa and it has turquoise green water. Kedros is an ideal choice for free campers, as it isn’t usually crowded, because the island does not receive many tourists. An important attraction near Kendros is the wreck of a German ship on the seabed. The ship was sunk by the Allied forces during the Second World War. You can see its hull at the bottom of the sea. As Kendros is totally free from road traffic, you can enjoy a long walk along the coastal line. There is boat service provided to access this beach.

Fikio is a small cove close to Mersini village. This is a pretty remote beach with clean water and surrounded by a rocky landscape. The area is totally unorganized and perfect to enjoy some privacy. To go there, take the boat from Donoussa port that makes the tour of the island, because the road is pretty track.