Project Description

Kea or Tzia, this beautiful island with long history and unique natural beauties, is one of the most famous destinations for short-term vacations. It offers the perfect escape from routine. With the authentic beauty of Cyclades islands, imposing scenes and beautiful beaches, seems like an earthly paradise.
It is the northest island in Cyclades, in the eastern part of Attica. It is only 17n.m. from Lavrio and it is connected with it through regular routes.
It has a total surface of 130sq.m. while its shores are of 80km. Kea is a hilly island. The highest mountain of the island is Prophet Elia of 568m almost in the center of the island.
Alterations in scenes enchant visitors. The wild hilly bulks give their place to small fields and vineyards. Abrupt gulchs end in small graphic coves and isolated beaches. All together create a dreamy scenery, so harmonious and enchanting, you can meet only in Cyclades islands.
Kea is of big archaeological interest. In the island with big and interesting history, are saved the remains of an ancient city. While touring in the island you will meet many historic monasteries and churches.
Although Kea is not famous for her nightlife, options for entertainment won’t be missed. A for food, the local cuisine is famous for her recipes. Don’t miss tasting traditional sweets and buy spoon sweets, honey and pastelia.
The island has not yet satiated by tourism. Something that allows it to keep unalterable its traditional identity.
Tourist infrastructures satisfy all needs. I Kea you will find hotels and rooms to let of all categories, providing all comforts.

Discover in a glance the best things to see and do in Kea island

Korissia is the central port of Kea. It is 5km northwestern of Chora in a safe cove in the place of the ancient homonym city.

Chora is the island’s capital. It is built in the same position with the ancient city Ioulida. This name is still used by locals when they refer to their capital.
Chora of Kea is built in an aphitheatrical way in the banks of a mountain. Its architecture stays true to the tradition of Cyclades islands, but has something special.

Koundouros is a coastal settlement with big tourist development. It is 17km southwest of Chora. Characteristic of it, is the pure natural beauty of the sceneries. The homonym cove with a beautiful beach and crystal waters is a pole of attraction for the most visitors. The beach is organized and rather cosmopolitan.

The protected cove Otzias is in the north part of the island, 11km from Chora. This small settlement is ideal for walks in the narrow paths, where the time has stopped in past times. Sit in the taverns and taste the local recipes.