Dream Wallpaper is a picture changer that turns your desktop into a living dream world. Use the application to set your wallpaper to any picture you can download from the web, and you can choose to change it every day, or only once every time you boot up your PC. If you like nature, cartoons, cartoons, or anything else – your images are available at your fingertips!

Powerful, yet easy-to-use photo wallpapers changer!

Free and easy to use.

No registration required.

Beautiful wallpapers to choose from.

Free applications downloads.

Download Dream Wallpaper for PC and Mac.

Download Dream Wallpaper to Windows

Dream Wallpaper is the newest wallpaper changer application for Windows to hit the internet. The program is compatible with Windows OS. And there are two versions available to download. One is for Windows 10 and the other is for Windows 8.x. Both are freeware. Dream Wallpaper Features:

Animated Wallpapers: Change wallpapers on your PC with just one click. Have your pictures rotate, resize, flip and much more.

Wallpaper of your choice: Search by category, keyword, or select a picture you want to set as desktop.

Automatic: Change desktop wallpaper automatically with option “automatically”.

Wallpaper rotation: Change desktop wallpaper in random, daily or at every startup.

Screen type: Widescreen, normal or old-style.

Filters: A wide variety of images and items.

Quick download option: You don’t have to login for downloading pictures.

Wallpaper settings: Set wallpapers, colors, images, size, and much more.

Wallpaper files: Include images, JPG or PNG format.

Easy to use: Set your wallpaper with just one click.

Dream Wallpaper for Windows 10.

Dream Wallpaper is a Windows 10 compatible desktop wallpapers changer that can change the desktop wallpaper with just one click. The program has features such as:

JPG/PNG files.

Lots of categories to choose from.

The option to choose a random wallpaper.

A built-in filters that help you to look for the best images.

Wallpaper rotation.

You can choose from different formats.

Automatic rotation.

Wallpaper background image.

Wallpaper styles eea19f52d2


– get current and some previous frames;
– divide every frame to small overlapped blocks;
– get frequency spectrum by windowed forward 2D FFT transform of every block of these frames;
– apply some filter to frequency spectrum;
– optionally sharpen image (in 2D frequency domain) by amplifying of some frequencies;
– make inverse 2D FFT transform of cleaned spectrum for every block;
– do windowed summation of cleaned overlapped blocks to output frame.
Overlapped blocks and weighting windows are used to prevent blockiness (and ringing). The blocks are overlapped by some value along their vertical and horizontal sizes. The lesser overlap, the faster processing, but with more visible grid artifactes.
Default params:
– set “sigma” parameter to 3.
– set “beta” parameter to 1.
– set “wintype” parameter to “3”.
– set “pfactor” parameter to 0.5.
– set “bw” parameter to 1024.
– set “bh” parameter to 1024.
– set “pframe” parameter to “3”.
– set “pshow” parameter to “1”.
– set “wintype” parameter to “1”.
– set “pframe” parameter to “1”.
– set “pshow” parameter to “0”.
– set “kratio” parameter to 0.5.
– set “scutoff” parameter to 0.5.
– set “degrid” parameter to “1.1”.
– set “degrid” parameter to “1.2”.
– set “dehalo” parameter to “1.0”.
– set “hr” parameter to 0.5.
– set “ht” parameter to 0.7.
– set “scutoff” parameter to “0.8”.
– set “svr” parameter to “1.1”.
– set “sigma2” parameter to “3.0”.
– set “sigma3” parameter to “3.0”.
– set “sigma4” parameter to “3.0”.
– set “sharpen” parameter to “0.5”.
– set “smin” parameter to 0.1.
– set “smax” parameter to 100.
– set “smin” parameter to “0.5”.
– set “smax