KeyMACRO allows users to control a PC or a Mac with a keyboard, so that you can type commands that activate system tools.

Presentation Screen Master is a software solution designed to help you avoid exposing the entire contents of your desktop on the video projector, by enabling you to select which portions to display and which to hide. Hence, you are able to control the amount of information that is visible to the public, while still being able to work on the rest of the desktop in the mean time, without distracting the audience from the presentation.
In order to achieve this, the application lets you choose from multiple viewing modes, depending on your necessities. Thus, you can start off by leaving the entire screen visible, or manually select the visible area, using the resizable box. Additionally, you can choose to do display specific program windows and ignore everything else, even if you move the said windows around on the desktop.
Create annotations and change the cursor shape
Once the presentation is on its way, you can use the various other tools and gimmicks bundled into Presentation Screen Master, such as the various cursor shapes. Furthermore, you can also increase or decrease the size of the cursor, as well as use it to draw on the screen using freehand motions.
Moreover, it is also possible to change the background of the view window, by choosing any of the colors available in the provided spectrum. The number of frames per second is adjustable as well, depending on how smooth you need the image to look, which is rather important if you intend to stream video content on the screen.
Take control of your presentations
All in all, Presentation Screen Master delivers a useful set of features that enable you to have total control over you presentations. In addition, it also comes with support for multiple monitors and the ability to zoom in and out, which extends the amount of freedom you have within the presentations.

PowerPoint includes a comprehensive collection of features that enable you to compose professional-looking presentations. The full-featured presentation program is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use software applications on the market today. The tool enables you to create impressive slideshows, build slide libraries, add text boxes, photographs, charts, maps, animations, video clips, and more. While some software programs include a “slideshow creator” as an exclusive element, PowerPoint provides this feature as a standard part of its presentation builder.
PowerPoint slides can be used to deliver any content, such as data, 70238732e0

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Keymacs is a tiny and clean tool for key mapping a windows keyboard.
Keymacs can assign a certain key to one shortcut or program.
When pressing the assigned shortcut key it will run the program specified in the shortcut.
Keymacs works with windows XP and above and works on all different keyboard layouts.
Keymacs also has a built in help file to make learning how to use it even easier.
Keymacs comes in a portable zip file and is a free and freeware program.
Keymacs has no dependencies but is written in c# and Visual Basic.

Keymacs features
– Assign a key to a program or shortcut and press the key to run the program or shortcut
– It is possible to set several programs to one key
– You can find the programs that are assigned to a certain key by going to the menu bar and pressing the key that is assigned to the program you want to know more about.
– The program that is assigned to the key can be saved and then loaded at any time.
– It is possible to edit a specific program that is assigned to a key.
– You can save and load your keymacs file in batch mode.
– Program can be saved to a directory without having to be installed
– After a program has been saved to the registry it can not be deleted, even if you delete the program file.
– You can change the window position and size of the program windows
– Program can be resized before you assign it to a key
– Windows keymacs also allows you to assign a key to a specific window.
– The program will also work with windows that are minimized.
– Windows keymacs also has a built in help file to make learning how to use it even easier.

Designed for developers
Windows keymacs is designed for developers who are building applications.
Windows keymacs is developed in c# and has been tested with visual studios 2008, 2010 and 2012.
Its structure and logic have been optimized for these versions.
You can compile it and then use it yourself in visual studios, you can make a portable install of it with the standalone installer, or you can use a installer that you make yourself.
Windows keymacs is designed to be as portable as possible and run on Windows XP and above.
It is written in c# and also has a help file.

Creating an application in c# can be rather