Ramoptimizer and now the new version v2.9.4 has a clear easy to use interface and should work on windows all version.

RAM Optimizer Compatible:

RAM Optimizer worked on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but did not work on Windows 8.

RAM Optimizer has a good price for a good tool.

RAM Optimizer Pros:

Easy to use

Consistently updates with the latest features

Supports Windows 7, Vista and Windows 8.

RAM Optimizer Cons:

Doesn’t work on Windows 8.

Compatibility issues with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

RAM Optimizer Pricing:

The Basic RAM optimizer is priced at US $34.95, the standard RAM optimizer is priced at US $49.95 and the professional RAM optimizer is priced at US $59.95.

RAM Optimizer Final Verdict:

It’s a very easy to use, easy to use and effective tool that can be used by all types of users, even users with minimal knowledge about the software. No installation is required, RAM Optimizer automatically adjusts memory settings after processing the input options. It works on both Windows 7 and Windows Vista and Windows 8.

RAM Optimizer:

The new version is working better than its predecessor. With a new interface that’s easy to use, RAM optimizer also features a few other improvements.

RAM Optimizer is a useful tool for memory users. It has been reviewed by Andrew Markham, last updated on May 13th, 2014Q:

Possible to see a number of threads that an SQL server process is using?

I was going through SQL Server’s process monitor, and I saw that a particular process is being heavily paged in/out.
Is there any way of seeing which threads of that process are using the most memory, or which of those threads are currently executing?


Under Tools -> Options -> Query Execution -> Execution Plans, there’s a section titled “Show estimated costs for estimated rows” which will tell you how much memory each statement is using. Unfortunately, if you have a large query in-flight that spans more than one plan, it’s really just a guess at what might be using the most memory.
If you want to know what’s using the most memory, maybe you can edit the query to use a different approach, e.g. eea19f52d2


With DVD-Toolbox, you can make copies of your DVD movies in case you want to keep a backup. The interface of the application is very simple. You can select a DVD folder on the computer and then specify the working folder, audio stream and subtitle language.
Once you have done that, you can continue with the processing of the selected DVD movie. You can adjust various settings, if needed, by accessing the “General Settings” tab. You can use this tool to split a DVD movie into several individual parts.
You cannot use this application to create new DVD disks. Also, the interface has some shortcomings. There is no help file available for this software and you cannot perform some of the tasks listed on the interface.
If you have never used the software before, you might experience some issues during the first run. Also, the interface is not compatible with Windows 10.
It also does not offer the option to convert a DVD to an MP4 file format. This software is only compatible with Windows.
Overall, we have to admit that this tool is not one of the most reliable options for disc duplicating.

DVD-Toolbox Quick Review

1) Quickly create a DVD copy of any DVD video. 2) The interface has a simple design and the application is very user-friendly. 3) The program can split a DVD video into several parts. 4) You can set your DVD movie to automatically turn off your computer.

The DVD toolbox is a multi-purpose application that lets you process your DVD-ROM movies with ease. For example, you can open the application and select your DVD folder to create a copy of the movies.

When you launch the DVD toolbox, you are able to select the source DVD folder. The software lets you preview the movie before processing it. You can also import an image and apply it as a wallpaper. You can adjust the subtitles and set the DVD burner to your specifications.

You can also add some custom settings for your DVD movies. You can enable your DVD toolbox to start after a reboot, to automatically shutdown your computer and to execute a post-task action, if you like.

Pros: The DVD toolbox is very easy to use and supports various features.

Cons: The interface needs some improvements. There is no help file available for this tool. Also, you cannot preview the DVD folder with other applications. You cannot select individual chapters for processing.

Overall rating:

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