Keyboard Macro Editor for Windows is a utility application for desktop users. Keymacro enables you to record keyboard-based gestures with mouse clicks and

Using this program, you can configure a keyboard shortcut for any mouse button, perform a selection operation and more.
You can create your own Macros with special Characters, Pressed Key Sequence, selection operator and most important, you can create a Macro that runs every time you type some text, like the “Home” key for instance.
If you press Alt+F6 the program turns into a text editor. It allows you to write or edit macros. You can edit existing macros or create new macros. You can make macro definitions in different languages.
What is most interesting, you can use a lot of modifier keys in macros. That means you can use any modifier key on the keyboard, including Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Win, Mac, Caps, Numlock, MSC and others.
You can define keyboard shortcuts for your application with Keymacro Macro Editor. You can set keyboard shortcuts with or without modifiers. It works as a real keyboard driver. No computer configuration is necessary.
Keymacro Macro Editor is designed to work with all versions of Windows, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
One Key, Many Functions
Keyboard Macro Editor was created to solve the following problems:
1. Every time you want to perform some task you have to use the mouse to open an application, a file or a folder. It is difficult to remember all of these commands.
2. It is difficult to learn new keyboard commands. With Keymacro, you can easily and quickly learn new commands and discover many useful shortcuts.
3. You can configure Windows Hotkeys, create a Macros with hotkeys and send any application/web page/pdf file to your printer or any other device using a hotkey.
Keymacro is easy to use:
1. Install Keymacro. You can install Keymacro from a working CD or USB drive, DVD or download installation from our website.
2. Start Keymacro. The first screen of Keymacro is Basic Editor, with an empty canvas. This is your canvas. You can add a selection text, a button, a hyperlink, a picture, text, a hyperlink, a picture, a button.
3. Create Macros. All Macros you create are located in a special folder.
4. Select a Macro. Selecting a Macro 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is a powerful and easy-to-use macro recorder for Windows. It is the best way to create and edit repeating tasks.
· Record any mouse clicks, keystrokes, hotkeys, or custom scripts as a macro.
· Edit, copy, paste and run macros.
· Edit built-in visualizers.
· Add special keystrokes for special application controls and actions.
· Double click to activate the macro!
· Interact with Windows Explorer to easily access your folders and files.
· It provides a rich GUI design, simple and intuitive.
· Easy to navigate and understand.
· You can define a keyboard shortcut to run a macro.
· Protect your macros with password to keep others from editing them.
· And much more….
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Trial version is supported by the app.
E-mail is disabled in the trial version.

Permissions in the trial version

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