Edit keyboard shortcuts in your application.
It’s as simple as that. If you need to add a shortcut
to a menu item, you just enter the hotkey you want,
and then add it to your menu. If you need to change
the shortcut key or change the command for a menu item,
you can do this easily as well.
KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro recorder. KEYMACRO captures
keystrokes and assigns them to specific buttons on the
Here’s what you do to use KEYMACRO:
Select a button on the keyboard.
Use the recorder to record the desired keyboard
shortcut. To stop recording, you can press any key
on the keyboard.
Once you have finished recording, you can play back
the recorded keyboard shortcut. KEYMACRO will assign
the keyboard shortcut to the button specified in the
Click the “keyboard” button to open the keyboard.
Click the button to play back the keyboard shortcut.
You will be presented with the application that will
be used for editing your keyboard macro: Edit Macro
Viewer. You can perform any of the operations described
above. If you are editing a keyboard shortcut, the
Editor has a pre-populated list of menu items. If
you are editing a menu item’s command, the editor
also has a pre-populated list of commands.
To save your edited keyboard macro, click the “save”
To exit, close the application.
KEYMACRO now shows a list of the keyboard shortcuts
you have created.
You can select a method for recording your keyboard
macros. A few different methods are available, and
the choice is up to you. The methods include:
List Method
The default method.
Keyboard Shortcut
This method records the shortcut key you press
when you want to execute a menu item.
Menu Item Command
This method records the keyboard shortcut you
press when you want to execute a menu item.
You can save your macro either way, and can use
them in any application. When creating a keyboard
shortcut, you can choose any button on the keyboard,
such as the space bar, number pad, or arrow keys.
Buttons on the number pad are assigned by default,
as are the space bar and enter.
KEYMACRO can 4f8c9c8613

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KEYMACRO is a software package that allows you to create macros for several applications or editors. It allows you to add, remove, or change the order of actions that you perform in a project. The program includes the following actions that you can add to your macro file:
* Select files
* Perform searches
* Move files
* Copy files
* Cut files
* Paste files
* Delete files
* Rename files
* Insert files
* Open files
* Rename directories
* Extract files
* Compress files
* Zip files
* Create folders
* Compress folders
* Copy directories
* Create a file
* Extract files
* Move files
* Create shortcuts
* Empty trash
* Move files from trash
* Add files to trash
* Change permissions of files
* Make empty files
* Make empty folders
* Extract archive
* Create a zip archive
* Extract archives
* Perform actions to files
* Perform actions to folders
* Perform actions to shortcuts
* Perform actions to directories
* Copy files
* Copy folders
* Execute program
* Execute script
* Change path to file
* Create a new project
* Create projects
* Close project
* Import projects
* Export projects
* Uninstall
* Control and layout
* Set layout
* Show layout
* Clear layout
* Add icon
* Remove icon
* Remove context menu
* Add context menu
* Add shortcut
* Remove shortcut
* Remove context menu
* Change shortcut key
* Change shortcut key
* Change keyboard shortcut
* Modify keyboard shortcut
* Test
* Hide
* Show
* Print
* Open file
* Close file
* Change selection
* File type
* Selection type
* Select all
* Select all but this
* Cut selection
* Copy selection
* Paste selection
* Delete selection
* Rename selection
* Add selection
* Remove selection
* List selection
* Clear selection
* Trace selection
* Emulate selection
* Assign selection
* Define selection
* Modify selection
* Select in multiple files
* Unselect in multiple files
* Exclude selected files
* Include selected files
* Define action
* Perform action
* Reorder actions
* Modify action order
* Edit action
* Add condition
* Delete action
* Delete condition
* Modify condition
* Insert action
* Insert condition
* Delete