KEYMACRO is an open source application that allows you to run macros with any keystroke. The application can run macros when the program is launched, in background (when the program is not active), when the user presses a certain key, when the program receives a mouse click or when the user presses a specified key on the keyboard.
The application can specify the keyboard combination that it will run the macro with, the key combination that will be pressed, the time interval, whether the task is repeated (for example, the key combination can be pressed several times without stopping) and whether the task is executed when the program is opened.
You can run macros with several keyboard combinations such as several combinations of Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys. You can set the time interval and repeat the macro and you can specify the parameters for the keyboard combination.
The keyboard combination for running the macro can be specified in the main window where you can also set the program to start automatically when the computer is booted. When you set the macro to run in the background, the keystroke that starts the task is not required.
The application can run a macro when a file is opened or closed, when the mouse moves, when the program receives a mouse click or when it receives a specified keystroke. You can specify the parameters of the task to be run for each mouse move, mouse click or keystroke.
KEYMACRO supports Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and Vista, X11, Linux and Mac OS X. It is available in English and French languages.
• Run macros with any keystroke
• Specify the time interval for macro to run in the background or when the program is active
• Specify the key combination to run the macro with
• Specify the key combination to press to run the macro
• Specify the time interval for the key combination to press
• Specify the task for each mouse move, mouse click or keystroke
• Specify the file to open or close the file
• Specify the format of the file to open or close
• Specify whether the task to run when the program is opened
• Specify whether the program can run at startup
• Specify the path to the file where the list of macros to run is saved
• Specify the path to the file where the macro files are saved
• Specify the key combination for starting macro in the program main window
• Enable the user to create the file that contains macros to 4f8c9c8613

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Complex macro to replace trailing semicolon in a string with the specified character
FixMe Text:
I have found a problem with this macro. It does not remove trailing semicolons in SQL statements that have been converted from an HTML-escaped string. Also, it has issues when there are two trailing semicolons. Any help would be appreciated!