KeyMactro has an intuitive and clear interface that is great for both novices and experts.
KeyMactro allows you to keep a diary of keystrokes you need to accomplish a certain task. You can also use the application’s shortcuts to instantly access the most used functions.
KeyMactro can also be used as a powerful editor. Its comprehensive set of features allows you to edit files and folders, easily open, edit and manage your files, as well as write documents and emails.
A set of handy features also stands out, such as a built-in task manager and a system tray notification bar.
KeyMactro is optimized for performance and can be used with any language with which you are familiar. It can be installed on different languages with a single click of a button.
KeyMactro is compatible with many media players, meaning that you can record music while you work.
KeyMactro is ideal for home users, who prefer efficiency to the complexity of installing programs on their computers.
Its main features:
· Easy to install and uninstall
· Multi-language
· Task manager
· Fast and stable
· Free for home use
· An efficient and friendly editor
· Support for 20+ media players

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KEYMACRO is a free Windows-based application for recording your own keyboard macro. A keyboard macro is a series of keystrokes or mouse movements that are automatically performed by software. For example, you could configure a macro for your favorite online dictionary to quickly enter a definition or for your favorite calculator to do a quick calculation.
The KEYMACRO software is intuitive to use and easy to add custom macros. You will only need to use the mouse to record your macros.
Get started in seconds
To use KEYMACRO, you only need to set a few basic options. First, select the desired application, like a dictionary or a calculator. Next, you can use a predefined keyboard shortcut, add your own shortcut or simply perform a macro as soon as you have selected your application.
After recording, you will be able to re-play the macro. To test your macro, you can choose from the recorded list of keystrokes or use the Quick replay feature.
Full integration with Windows
KEYMACRO integrates directly with Windows and uses the right mouse button to switch between modes, like recording, playback and editing. You can also set macro groups and define a special behavior for those keys.
KEYMACRO also has a built-in option for text editing, so you can use it to highlight a certain word, add a new line or even replace some text.
Full functionality without a mouse
To be more efficient, you can use your keyboard to edit text in other applications, even if they don’t have a text editing tool. You can open, copy and paste text by simply pressing the appropriate keys.
If you need to modify the configuration of your keyboard, KEYMACRO will show you all shortcuts used by your applications. You can also modify the shortcuts in the settings.
Easy to use with non-English languages
KEYMACRO is fully localized and you can change the number of displayed characters or the language. The number of displayed characters is customizable, allowing you to type in your native language. The language can also be chosen from a list of dozens of languages, including Chinese, French and German.
How KEYMACRO works
KEYMACRO does not restrict your personal data, even if you use a public computer. The application uses the clipboard to capture the selected text or URL and its URL. You can also use the Quick replay feature to record a single keystroke.
When you save a new keyboard macro, the files are automatically saved on your computer. The next time you press