• A macro that can automate your way to Internet/Help using your keyboard.
• You can use it to search the web, write and save a file, and many other basic functions.
• You can also control any Windows program via the keyboard.
• A great option for people who work on Windows.
• It is possible to set your own personalized, comprehensive keymacro set-up.
• You can perform web search and download (only for Windows).
• A comfortable and easy to use user interface.
• A stand-alone program, no installation is required.
• No installation, so the program will run on any Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP operating system.
• A program for older Windows users as well as for younger ones.
• A program designed to use on any platform.
• Great for any Windows user, not only for people with disabilities.
• It runs on any computer with Windows.
• Multi-language: In addition to English it will also work on Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish.
• An innovative and user-friendly product.
• It can be used as a stand-alone application.
• It has been written in Java (version 1.1.4_02).
• This is the last version with 1.1.4.
• No registration required for trial use.
• It is completely free.
Keymacro Features:
• It is one of the few programs out there that has all the features, including all of the “standard” features.
• A program that can be used with any computer, it can be used as a stand-alone application.
• The only requirement to use the program is a Windows XP/Vista/7/8 operating system.
• A little more about Java (there is a brief description and a link to the official website): Java is an object-oriented programming language, developed by Sun Microsystems.
• Java is a highly cross-platform, dynamic and object-oriented programming language.
• It is designed for the development of software applications that run on multiple platforms.
• Java programs are usually run within the Java virtual machine (JVM).
• Using Java, you can write portable applications that run on a diverse range of computer platforms.
• It has a syntax-based object-oriented programming language.
• A programming language that is closely related to 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a powerful keyboard macro recorder that allows you to record and playback your keyboard events. Once recorded, a sequence can be played back instantly by pressing a hot key, whenever you desire.

Pretty bad
16 Sep 2016

You can try the free version (limited to 100 records) before buying the full version (which comes with additional features). Overall, it is not bad but it does not work as expected.

23 Oct 2016

Just what you want
16 Oct 2016

I like the program
15 Nov 2016

I want a reset tool
30 Nov 2016

I love this tool
18 Jan 2017

Fast and easy
25 Jun 2017

I love this tool
23 Jun 2017

Just what I want
25 Jun 2017

I love this tool
20 Jul 2017

Great tool
21 Jul 2017

I hate this tool
18 Aug 2017

I like this tool
11 Sep 2017

I can’t believe it!
15 Nov 2017

I like this tool
09 Dec 2017

Easy to use
06 Feb 2018

It’s a great program, but it’s a little bit on the easy side. I haven’t found a way to specify a video to pause/play/jump to specific time yet. I’ve been missing this feature all the time.

What is this?
29 Jun 2018

When you notice your speed of your web connection is no longer what it used to be, you do not need to start looking to upgrade your hardware right away. Instead, you can try a dedicated utility, such as NetOptimizer.
This application comes with a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) that makes it easy for everyone to understand its features.
It also displays a flurry of details about the computer it is running on, such as the OS version, make and model of the processor, amount of RAM, computer name and IP.
Packs multiple optimization modes
First off, those with little PC skills can go for the Auto Mode as this scans several parameters of your PC, such as Internet connection speed, I/O latency, data caching, network performance, throughput and efficiency. Once this analysis is complete, it automatically improves their performance, without any input from the user.
Alternatively, you can choose to discard the recommended settings and manually configure them via the Advanced Mode. More advanced users can go ahead and modify only the parameters they deem the