The DataMonkey utility is a powerful tool for converting between and among most of the most popular data file formats available. With this tool, you can quickly convert data in a variety of formats such as text files, Excel files, Access databases, comma-separated values (CSV), XML files, as well as database files including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, MS Excel, and many others.

What is the solution to my problem?

The Image of a hand with a pen hovering above it is called a mindmap.


The pen is located at the tip of the thumb.


In addition to the pen in the bottom left hand corner of an image, one could also look for the arrow in the upper right hand corner.


In addition to the hints provided by Ed V. the pen at the bottom and the arrow in the upper right corner, there is the concept of a mind map.

A mind map is a diagram or chart that illustrates ideas or concepts in a
way that can be thought of as a series of interlinked circles,
representing facts, ideas, and concepts, with lines connecting them.

The mind map’s representation of the information you want to communicate is directly tied to the information you are trying to communicate. For example, the words “pen” and “paper” are linked together. Then, the mind map is built up like the illustration above.
The paper provides a place to record the images and text that is needed for the communication.


Trying to find a pattern in a list of numbers

I have a list of numbers and I need to find how many occurrences of every number are there.
numbers = []
number = int(input(“enter a number: “))

count = 0

for i in numbers:
if i == number:
count += 1

The code above works, but it only checks for number, where I want to find number’s itself. I tried to rewrite the code and it didn’t work.
for i in numbers:
if i == i:
count += 1


I think this is what you want:
from collections import Counter eea19f52d2

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WBS elements are arranged in a tree view structure. A WBS element can be expanded and collapsed.
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Microsoft Visio 2010 WBS Modeler Modules:
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– Import WBS models from Microsoft Office Project into a new project plan
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– Import a Microsoft Office Project project schedule into a WBS model
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