. All changes (both new or modified) in SQL script are recorded in a SQL Script Version file. This file includes all the new and modified SQL Script DDL. The script format is provided in ASCII format.

This tool allows to extract SQL Scripts from a SQL Server to ASCII format.

– The default ASCII format is the same as the script and the default script format is the same as the script.
– The script formats are stored in ASCII, so this tool does not report any differences.

## Features
KeyMACRO can be used to extract DDL Scripts from a SQL Server database. The DDL script can be stored in the same database or in any database that the SQL Server supports. KeyMACRO can record the modification and/or creation of the SQL Script files. The KeyMACRO has the option to store the script versions, so you can later extract them to a new SQL Server database.

The KeyMACRO SQL Script Extraction tool is only for extracting the DDL Scripts. The KeyMACRO allows to extract the SQL Scripts to a file or a folder.

![The image shows how the SQL script stored in a text file](Screenshots/1.png)

The KeyMACRO SQL Script Extraction application can be useful in the following scenarios:

1. You have a large SQL Script, and you do not want to store it in a database.
2. You are a beginner in SQL Server and you do not want to store the SQL Scripts in a database.
3. You have a large SQL Script and you want to extract it to ASCII format.

![The image shows how the SQL script stored in a database](Screenshots/2.png)

## Screenshot
The KeyMACRO SQL Script Extraction application allows you to extract SQL Scripts from a SQL Server database.

The following screenshot shows how to open a SQL Script that is stored in a database:

![The image shows how the SQL script stored in a database](Screenshots/3.png)

1. Select the SQL Script that you want to extract from the SQL Server database:
![The image shows how the SQL script stored in a database](Screenshots/4.png)
2. Select **Extract to file**, **Extract to folder** or **Stop**:
![The image shows how the SQL script stored 70238732e0

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