VisPointer is a virtual pointer plugin that lets you set the cursor to the VisPointer of your choice. You can choose from the top 20 most popular cursors from the VisPointer wiki, and they are all freely distributable. You can set the cursor to hide or show, change the opacity, and change the cursor to any of the 4000+ predefined cursors provided by VisPointer. The cursor toggles automatically on your hotkey and can be easily customized with the mouse wheel.
VisPointer License:
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License
By downloading, installing or using VisPointer, you agree to the terms of the above license.
What do you think about VisPointer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Click on the image above to download the PDF)
This document is the final draft of a policy statement on “Intellectual Property Rights and the Center for Independent Media and Free Culture.” Comments are welcome until Friday, February 5th at noon.
The Center for Independent Media (CIM) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to develop and encourage the use of innovative technology and communication platforms that enhance the process of democracy and deepen the practice of journalism. CIM seeks to expand the ability of the public to engage with the news of the day in a more effective, participatory, and democratic manner. The organization creates and provides free tools for media organizations, scholars, and educators, and for students and journalists.
This policy has been developed by CIM as a contribution to the development of the internet community. The Center shares this contribution, and commits to the following principles:

A. That the Center will abide by the terms of its license agreement to the extent permitted by law.
B. That the Center will abide by the terms of any license agreement to the extent permitted by law, but that the Center may distribute the work only under a license that is approved by CIM and that requires that any recipient of the work acknowledge CIM as a provider of the license.
C. That the Center will abide by the terms of any license agreement to the extent permitted by law and that the Center will distribute the work only under a license that is approved by CIM and that requires that any recipient of the work acknowledge CIM as a provider of the license.

The Center is committed to creating works of art and expressing these in a variety of ways. The 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO provides you with an advanced remote keystroke recorder that allows you to record keyboard strokes and mouse actions. With this program you can gather information about how to use the computer and also you can collect any kind of information about the programs, the operating system and the files on your hard drive.
Keystroke recorder for desktop applications
With the KEYMACRO program you can set up a recording mode that will record all keyboard strokes from a specific application, your web browser or all the desktop activities.
This program also gives you a way to record what you do by sending it to a log file that you can then read later. You can also choose what to save the log file for; to record everything, just the mouse and trackpad or your active window and mouse cursor. You can choose whether to save it in.txt,.html,.xhtml or.xml format and also you can choose whether to record the entire desktop or only the selected window.
The program has many additional options that will help you monitor the computer more precisely. You can choose the settings for key repetition and also you can set the sensitivity of the mouse movement for the recording.
You can set the recording up to last for a specified amount of time, but you can also use an interval to start and end the recording. You can choose the recording options; whether the keyboard and mouse recordings are looped or not, whether the log file is saved or not, whether the log file will be opened in a web browser or just saved in a file, and the additional details for the log file such as file type, file size and when it was created.
Information log file
When you choose to record the desktop activities, KEYMACRO creates a separate log file for each event and it will have an extension depending on the file format you choose. The type of log file is entirely up to you and the options you chose, so you can choose to use a simple text file, an HTML document, an XHTML document or an XML document.
When you choose to save the logs, KEYMACRO will also ask you for what you want to save it for, so you can choose to save the logs for your active windows or the entire desktop. The file name and the location are entirely up to you and the type of file is entirely up to you.
Now that you have all the settings set up, you can run the recording and the program will do all the work for you. You can view the results of the log file