– Share photos, videos and files with ease
– Access all the chat features and options on Facebook
– Chat with your friends, groups and strangers
– View, edit, close and re-start your conversations
– View and manage your friends’ Facebook status
– View and manage your inbox, read your messages and tags
– Set up your own chat rules
– Share contacts on Facebook and let them know you’re thinking about them
– Play games with your friends, groups and strangers
– Create groups, chat in them and share files
– Communicate with your family members, friends, classmates, team members, co-workers and more
– Join groups, chat with your friends, groups and strangers
– Send messages to your groups and friends
– Find friends based on their Facebook profile details
– Send messages to your friends and friends of friends and groups
– No ads, no extra tools. Everything you need to enjoy great group chats
– Group conversations: View, edit, close and re-start your conversations
– View all the files you send to groups
– View all the chats you have with one of your friends
– Receive alerts when you get a message back or a new one
– View and manage your inbox, read your messages and tags
– Block your friends on Facebook from contacting you
– Mark all the contacts you want to block
– Add groups to your contacts and block them from contacting you
– Receive emails when friends react to your messages
– Share contacts on Facebook and let them know you’re thinking about them
– If you want to know what your friends are up to,
– Add your contacts to groups and block them from contacting you
– Configure your chat rules and decide when and how your friends will be notified about your conversations
– Search friends and groups on Facebook
– Chat with your friends, groups and strangers
– View and manage your friends’ Facebook status
– Control chat settings
– If you want to contact the app’s developer, use the contact form

Windows 10 Mobile may be Microsoft’s latest attempt to revive its mobile phone business, but there’s plenty of evidence that the Redmond company has been fiddling with the OS since it launched, and it’s now showing.
Microsoft is starting to hide the Windows 10 Mobile version of the Start menu in the OS update. That is, the navigation that is used when the Start menu is hidden can no longer be accessed.
Windows 10 Mobile users will now find themselves in a eea19f52d2


Emsisoft Decrypter for JSWorm 2.0 is a tool designed to help you recover the documents, media and other data that has been encrypted by JSWorm ransomware. The malware appears to be related to GlobeImposter and it lock files using RC4 or Blowfish encryption.

How to tell if you have been infected with Nymaim
Nymaim is a malicious worm that creates fake websites and adds them to the search results on major search engines. When a user is on a page created by the malware, it displays a fake error message stating that the person’s computer is infected with a virus or is unable to connect to the internet. The message tries to convince the user that they need to download a fake program or visit a malicious website, and in the process of doing so, infect their computer.
An issue with this malware is that it does not immediately infect computers that do not receive the virus via the first message. A clever trick is that it sends a second message that contains a copy of the first message. If the user clicks on the link within the second message, their computer is infected.
How to stop Nymaim
The best way to prevent the Nymaim malware is to keep your computer clean of malware. There are a few ways you can help protect yourself against this malware:
Make sure you are running the latest versions of your operating systems. You can check your operating system by going to the Help menu in your web browser and then searching for “about my computer.” If you do not see a date, you need to update your operating system.
To protect your files, encrypt them using a strong, encrypted password. If you are using Windows, you can use File History, which is located within the Windows Settings menu. It is recommended that you remove the program and update it. Once you have done this, you can then enable File History.
Run an anti-malware program to scan your computer for any viruses, spyware, or malware. A good program to run is Spyware Doctor, which is available for both Windows and Mac. You should always be running an anti-malware program, even if you are unsure of any problems with your system.
If you see an unfamiliar website, such as a website that contains the name of the virus you are dealing with, it