If you need to color correct your videos and images, then you might want to consider using the 3D LUT Creator. This application enables you to see and modify a palette of colors from a three-dimensional space, so you can manipulate colors and adjust them accordingly.Voters in the next few years could see the demise of the Affordable Care Act as one of the three most consequential domestic policy changes in decades.

If President Trump and Republicans succeed in their efforts to repeal or replace the law, they would risk repeating the mistakes of the 1970s and 1980s when the poor could no longer get health insurance, the cost of care exploded and the system turned into a bureaucratic nightmare for the sick and the elderly.

Republican efforts to repeal the law — likely to come up for votes in Congress in the next few months — are likely to continue the current momentum toward rolling back insurance regulation.

Such a move could come in the form of tax cuts, health savings accounts, new legal challenges to the law and political attacks on insurance markets. One of the key Republicans in leadership, Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (Utah), has already warned that he would be willing to support a repeal of the law but only if Republicans have a replacement ready.

While the Affordable Care Act is unlikely to be repealed altogether, a repeal could unravel the health law’s major provisions and leave millions more people uninsured.Q:

Can’t get ID of view to change image src on click

I’m trying to use a gallery of images as the background of a website, and I’m trying to use jQuery to change the background image of the selected image when the user clicks on it.
I think I need to find the id of the selected image, but I’m unsure how to do that.
My HTML looks like this (don’t worry, I’m not actually using the li elements, the ul is purely there to separate the images): eea19f52d2


If you need to capture and upload multiple screenshots on a daily basis, then this is definitely the app for you. It is a straightforward, fully-featured screen capture utility that offers a lot of functionalities.
The program’s interface is simple and intuitive and makes it easy to take screen shots from the desktop, specific windows or a selected area. It even includes a handy window picker that allows you to quickly identify and select the window you want to capture.
Once you have chosen the area, you can click the capture button and Lightscreen will instantly capture what you want and save it to one of several image formats (JPG, BMP or PNG) and keep a list of the captured images in your Windows desktop.
Furthermore, you can decide which format to use and which folder to save the screenshots in via the application’s configuration options. These can also be customized from user-defined hotkeys.
In order to upload your screen shots, you can rely on the application’s built-in script that uploads them automatically to Imgur and other hosting websites. For easier access, the configuration options also include the ability to directly upload images to an existing Imgur album.
To sum up, Lightscreen is a fast, fully-configurable and versatile screen capture utility that offers a lot of functionalities. You can also have the program display a preview of the image that has just been captured, so you can make sure it looks good before you upload it.
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