Based on the script that has been downloaded in the previous section of the article, Universal Android Debloater is a bash script that can be easily executed using a terminal emulator. The tool comes with a list of installed apps to uninstall which can be accessed by selecting a particular app from the list or by adding them manually.
It is important to keep in mind that the app list is not exclusive, meaning that the tool does not contain a particular app. If you remove a specific app, the list will be updated to remove the app’s duplicate.
The script is made with a focus on privacy and should be used carefully, so a backup is highly recommended before you proceed.
The first step is to download Universal Android Debloater
As there are various unofficial versions of the script floating around the Internet, it is best to download Universal Android Debloater from its original source. Head over to the official GitHub repository and download the zip file of the latest release.
Next, extract the zip archive to get the bash script. You can do this by opening the archive as an archive manager.
Universal Android Debloater runs the following commands:
Sudo apt-get purge $1
Sudo apt-get clean
Sudo apt-get update
Sudo apt-get -y -v install $1
Sudo apt-get -y autoremove
Sudo apt-get autoclean
Sudo apt-get -y autoremove
Universal Android Debloater 2.0.1 Source Code:
Go ahead and extract the zip archive of Universal Android Debloater and run it via a terminal emulator.
Universal Android Debloater 2.0.1 Direct Download Links:
1. Universal Android Debloater
2. Universal Android Debloater for Linux
3. Universal Android Debloater for Windows
4. Universal Android Debloater for Mac
Universal Android Debloater installation:
1. Install Universal Android Debloater from the archive
To install Universal Android Debloater, it is recommended to be executed through a terminal emulator. Although there are numerous alternatives to the bash script, we recommend using a Terminal emulator because it has several advantages over a terminal software, such as Consolas.
To install Universal Android Debloater, open the archive with a terminal emulator and run the script using the following commands:
cd /path/to/extracted/directory
sudo eea19f52d2

k2pdfopt is an application designed to offer you and others the possibility to optimize documents which are compatible with e-readers such as Kindle and Kobo. With it you are able to effortlessly improve the on-device performance for PDF and DJVU files.
A straightforward interface tailored for all kinds of users
The moment you run k2pdfopt for the first time, you understand that this is a piece of software that will not leave you clicking confused through buttons without making sense of what’s going on. The application displays a user-friendly interface which makes it accessible to anyone.
From its main window you are able to load the files you want to optimize, make the adjustments and then export them. All it takes is a couple of clicks here and there and you’re ready to convert.
k2pdfopt also allows you to preview the content of the documents you load so you can verify that what you are about to work on is what you need.
Practical for both novice and advanced users
The application in discussion is designed to be not only easy to use but also to deliver the appropriate results. It enables you to choose the document resolution factor, crop margin values and the number of pages you want to convert.
It’s also possible to enable auto straighten, color output, break after source page, erase vertical lines and OCR features. Another thing that is of great help is that you can choose the device to which you are converting as well as the resolution for the new file.
In case you wish to create a more complex task and are familiar to how Command Prompt works, k2pdfopt provides a feature which allows you to modify files using command line functions.
Convert files for e-reader compatibility in a few simple steps
To wrap it up, k2pdfopt proves to be a handy tool for anyone who wants to manually or automatically improve the usability of e-reader files.Q:

Unable to build a desktop.exe for a VBA Excel project

We have an Excel project that is a Windows application with a form. The form has a button which runs a macro that we write.
The problem is that when I try to build the.exe file to run this from the desktop the button function runs fine but the form closes right after it is opened. I am guessing that there is some error in the form that is happening when I create the.exe.
This is the code I have