KeyMacro is a good, well-done and very simple IM companion for Yahoo! Messenger. The program’s main purpose is to help speed up typing and typing exchanges within Yahoo! Messenger.
Not only does it help keep conversation efficient and save time typing messages with KeyMacro, it also allows the user to see how many people are available in real time and how many people have seen the message.
Additionally, the program allows instant messaging, multi-user chats and contact list creation.
With these features and more, it is clear that KeyMacro is an intelligent and useful software that enhances online communication for Yahoo! Messenger users.
After installation the program will prompt you for the details needed to configure KeyMacro and help you get started right away.
If you wish to look at all of the program’s settings, you’ll find them under the “Settings” tab.
Additional features include:
✓ A quick and simple start-up routine
✓ System tray icon
✓ Status bar in the bottom right corner
✓ Captures images of the latest messages and keyboard strokes
✓ Scroll back to any message
✓ Pings the user who sent you a message
✓ Slides to the top of any chat when a new message arrives
✓ New messages are highlighted in yellow
✓ User list
✓ Captures images of the latest chats
✓ New chats are highlighted in red
✓ You can delete the messages in the chat history
✓ Keyboard stroking shown in the status bar
✓ Status bar shows the user count and the current user
✓ Set the message scale according to the font size
✓ Capture image of the last messages and keyboard strokes
✓ Includes a comprehensive FAQ
The program’s icon looks like a typewriter.
XE9 is a search engine that lets you do a quick search without having to install a specific program.
To use the search engine, you only need to type the search criteria into the search box, press Enter and wait for the results.
The results are sorted by relevance and you can use them to perform searches within your favorite website.
All you need to do is to click on any result, copy the URL and paste it into the Address Bar of your web browser to go directly to the site.
You can also use a bookmark.
XE9 is a free and easy to use search engine that integrates well with Yahoo Messenger! and Facebook.
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– SUBTITLES_FULL_START: Start match process and try to get all.SRT files from the location.
– SUBTITLES_PROCESS: This is the main part of the application. It process the given SRT file name in the loop and tries to match them with the other SRT files.
– SUBTITLES_PROCESS_END: End the process after successfully matching all the SRT files.
– SUBTITLES_STOP: When trying to match the last SRT file, the previous matched SRT file is renamed to the SRT file name and the application stop the process.
– SUBTITLES_PROCESS_ERROR: This is used if you try to match a SRT file that is already processed.
– SUBTITLES_DOWNLOAD: This will download the SRT file from the internet if it is not exists on the disk.
– SUBTITLES_DOWNLOAD_EXIT: This will close the downloading process if it is exited with “OK” as exit code.
– SUBTITLES_DOWNLOAD_FAILURE: This will close the downloading process if it is exited with a failure code.
– SUBTITLES_DOWNLOAD_RENAME: Rename the downloaded file with the SRT file name.
– SUBTITLES_SUBTITLE_OK: This code is used to signal that the download was successful and the SRT file is already renamed.
– SUBTITLES_SUBTITLE_ERROR: This code is used to signal that the download failed and the SRT file is not renamed.
– SUBTITLES_EXTRACT_EXIT: This code is used to signal that the extracting process was success and the new SRT file is renamed.
– SUBTITLES_EXTRACT_FAILURE: This code is used to signal that the extracting process failed.
– SUBTITLES_EXTRACT_ERROR: This code is used to signal that the extracting process failed.
– SUBTITLES_EXTRACT_RENAME: Rename the extracted file to SRT file name.



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