The Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 is a package that can be used in order to allow the communication and data exchange between files that are proprietary to the Office 2010 package and other applications.
Its purpose is to allow non-Office systems to transfer data to and from Office files. For instance, it can be used to enable Microsoft SQL Server to import data from existing Access database files (MDB or ACCDB) or Excel worksheets (XLS, XLSX, XLSB). Additionally, it supports connectivity to text files.
Developers will be glad to find out that the package also bundles ODBC and OLEDB drivers, which work together in order to help them implement support for Office file formats within their projects. To use this feature, you must configure the Provider argument (ConnectionString property) during the installation process.
Before installing the package, you are advised to remove any existing version of the Access Database Engine from your computer, in order to avoid incompatibiltiy issues. Please note that this package cannot replace Jet and it is not a tool that you can use to edit Office files.
Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 is capable of granting applications reading and writing permissions for documents previously created with Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Access and text files.


Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2: The current version of this driver only works with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.


There are two primary methods of connecting to MS Access.

The first method is to use the Access Database Engine. This is the method that is

The second method is to use the ODBC Driver. The ODBC driver for Access is a
separate driver. This driver does not have support for access files stored in the
iAccessExpress database.


Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 does not support file-level access control. This driver does not use the iAccessExpress database to store user permissions and rights.

iAccessExpress is a database that supports Windows XP. It is a Microsoft Access database with file-level access control. You must install the iAccessExpress database file (iAccessExpress.mdb) before you can use this driver.

The iAccessExpress database is a database file that stores user permissions. This database cannot be used in combination with ODBC.

Data types

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Data synchronization across multiple folders.
Rotating backup.
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